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So you've got organic social media covered, but have no clue how to tackle paid? We've got you covered! Advertising on social is a MUST these days - social networks are businesses and they know how to make a buck. The good news is, you can make a HUGE impact without spending a fortune most of the time.

And we'll prove it.

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The Most Successful

Campaigns We've Ever Ran.

With just $3500 in ad spend, we drove over $460K in revenue. 

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The Ads-Only Program

Interested in building your email list, or driving more sales for your e-commerce brand?

Apply to join our ads-only program to see how we can help.

What does it cost?

Set up Fee: $500
Minimum Time Commitment:
6 Months

Minimum Total Ad Spend: $3,000/month

A quick note for MLM's: After researching the specifics around advertising for a multilevel marketing business, we have determined that we are unable to support these efforts for two reasons:

  1. Facebook prohibits this type of advertising as it deems it being an offer of "quick compensation"

  2. Through marketing best practices we know and use, not being able to offer transparency into the products and services we aim to market creates major challenges in achieving desirable results.

The fine print:

  • Must have an effective organic social media presence already established. 

  • Creative to be provided by Client. (If you require support from our team with photography or design, it will be billed at an additional $75/hour.)


    Been in business for at least 1 year with verifiable revenue.*

  • Have an advertising budget of at least $3,000 a month.

  • Minimum time commitment of 6 months. 

  • Have a track record of customer success (good reviews on the business).

  • The owner of the business has no criminal background.

  • Ad spend will be billed directly to client's credit card. 

  • Agency services to be billed monthly. 

  • Utilize Facebook’s default attribution window to calculate revenue. 

  • Have a clear way for MMG to verify the business’s revenue on an ongoing basis for billing purposes.**


*Requirement may be waived by Agency.

**Relevant only for Conversion Campaigns.

Consideration Campaigns

(Followers, Web Traffic, Email Acquisition) 

  • Management rate of $500/month (for two campaigns, $200/additional) 

  • 10% of total ad spend billed in addition

Conversions Campaigns


  • Management rate of $500/month (for two campaigns, $200/additional) 

  • 10% revenue generated billed in addition

Trees and Mountains

"We started working with Marr Media in February to manage social media for our brand. We ran a likes/followers ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram and the results were incredible. We more than doubled our following and our Cost Per Result was $.011, which is excellent! We couldn’t be happier with the hard work and positive results we’re seeing."


Erin Leland, Notch Equipment