5 Reasons Everyone Should Be Working Remotely

Sure, I guess it can be lonely, and maybe you miss out on some of the juicy “office politics”, but there is something pretty fantastic about getting up every day and NOT having to drive through traffic. What if you could simply roll over, stretch, brush your teeth and then just get right into it. You could be doing this whole ‘waking up and working thing’ in the comfort of your own home, or at an exotic beach locale of your choice with a trusty WIFI connection. If you’re considering making the shift from the office to working from home, this blog will undoubtedly convince you it’s a good move to make. (Especially because we are only highlighting the pros in this one!) Reason 1: Holy Flexibil

What Exactly is Modern Marketing?

Just Do It. Fly The Friendly Skies. The Ultimate Driving Machine. Don't Leave Home Without It. We've all heard these great taglines, but great marketing is so much more than that. People often ask me what I do, and when I tell them I am a Chief Marketing Officer, they look at me funny. They ask me things like, "So... You make commercials?" or "Oh, so you're like Mad Men?" Yes, exactly like Mad Men, I make business decisions over a few martinis... sort of. What I'm actually striving to be is a modern marketer. What that means is that I'm constantly looking towards a combination of traditional marketing while blending newly adapted styles of communication and metrics. Ultimately modern market

Why You Should Be Reading Blogs (Including Ours!)

The world is changing. The way we communicate is changing. This is something I say time and time again when speaking about social media—what it is and why it matters. But you know what else is changing? How we learn. How we consume information. Back in the day, after high school, most of us selected a career path and attended post secondary to gain the appropriate credentials. We went off to work, moving up the corporate ladder while demonstrating great results based on knowledge that was learned in school, and some increasing industry experience. (And let’s be honest, a little credit to how well you schmoozed the boss and his wife at the company Christmas party!) But nowadays, the way we op

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