Meet the Team: Casey Mathison

Casey Mathison, Junior Graphic Designer We are pretty proud of our team here at Mad Media, so we thought we’d take a few moments each month to introduce you to each of them. After all, our team is really what makes us successful. Follow along and get to know the people all over the world that are making the magic happen behind the scenes. Today we're profiling Casey, who works as a Junior Graphic Designer with us here at Mad Media. We caught up with her to find out more about her adventures and what she listens to while turning out some amazing designs! Where do you call home? I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It may not sound as exciting as some of my other colleagues, but I love it. The

Lighten Up Your News Feed

It's hard enough to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, why not make it a little easier by adding some humor and fun to your News Feed. Statistics show that almost half of us start our days by rolling over in bed, unplugging our smart phones and clicking on the little blue bird on our screens. First thing, we are perusing our News Feeds, over a comforting cup of coffee, catching up on the local and international news. Our feeds are filled with updates on world politics, international terrorism, celebrity break-ups and devastating natural disasters. While it’s great that we’re able to get our serious news (wait… are celebrity break ups not considered serious?) via Twitter, it might be a

7 Easy Ways to Shorten your Tweet's Character Count

Here are 7 easy ways to shorten your tweet's character count, so you can fit exactly what you want to say into your Tweets every time! 1. Use images with text. There’s an excellent app called Word Swag and it lets you create eye-catching images with text. So while including an image in your tweet takes up 23 characters, include a heading or tagline that’s more than that and you’re getting better return! Plus images are proven to generate more engagement so even if you broke even on character count, it's a wise move. 2. Tag your photos. Tagging photos with Twitter handles instead of mentioning handles within your tweet saves space! This way, they are notified of the tag and others can see wha

How to Drive Engagement on Social Media

Are you being heard on Twitter? Make sure to follow these tips to make your followers engage with the content you tweet! Keep Them Clicking Twitter recently stated that adding URLs to your tweet increases your retweets significantly. Salesforce reported that 92% of all Twitter interaction (eg. Favourites, retweets etc) comes from followers clicking on links. The social media app Buffer even suggests that, having a link on your tweet increase retweets by 86%! Make sure that the content you share is relevant, easy to read and something that your followers are interested in knowing. Show Off Your Personality One of the great things about Twitter is that it lets you personalize, not only your t

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