A Beginners Guide: Choosing a WordPress Theme

If you’ve ever taken a peek around Themeforest then you’ve seen for yourself just how unlimited the options are when choosing a WordPress theme for your website. There are thousands of different themes to choose from… which can be both inspiring, as well as overwhelming when you’re designing a website. So, below I’ve compiled some things that I wish someone had told me to look out for when I started my first website. From experience, I am all for going with a premium over a free theme. When I started, I used free themes, mostly because I didn’t want to spend the money, and it wasn’t until I needed to upgrade for clients that I really started to understand the difference. While I definitely w

Common Design Mistakes

It’s happened to all of us. You’re walking down the street, minding your own business when suddenly; an obnoxious St. Patrick’s Day event poster is attacking your eyeballs. There are spelling errors, the text is blurred and illegible, the graphic is pixelated and is giving your frontal lobe a very serious ache. Nobody should have to be subjected to this! Design matters, you guys. We’ve compiled a list of common design mistakes to avoid when designing. And hopefully, with this list, we can all start saving innocent pedestrians from visual torture, one poster at a time. Misuse of Font Improper typeface choice can lead to a very confusing, unreadable design. Using the wrong font for your conten

Your 7 Step Checklist to Applying For a Job in Social Media

Working in a social media role requires a very dynamic candidate. To be great in social media, you need to wear many hats. If you're a Social Media Rockstar, you not only understand modern marketing (and analytics), you're also an aspiring photographer, a witty writer, and a have a professional, personable and active online presence on most, many or all social platforms that clearly communicate your personal brand. We're currently recruiting for a Social Media Rockstar. If you're thinking of applying for this role or another role in social media, you better be sure you've got the following checked off when you apply. 1. Your application should NOT include a resume. Hold on, before you go wri

6 Tips for Staying on Track While Working Remotely

Anyone that works remotely can vouch for how amazing it is! (Incase you missed it, we highlighted the top pros in our recent blog.) There’s nothing more empowering then having the autonomy of choosing when and where you work. No more 7am alarm clocks (unless you like them, you early birds), long, sluggish afternoons at the office or wanting to poke your eyeballs out during your daily commute through rush hour. Yet all that unsupervised freedom can also lead to a multitude of distractions that keep us from being as productive as we may want to be. The one thing that you realize when you begin working remotely is just how much discipline and self-motivation it requires; often just trying to st

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