Mad Media Takes Vancouver: Our First Annual Company Retreat

They start trickling in later today and by midday tomorrow, we’ll all be here. This week, Mad Media is hosting our first annual company retreat. Our entire team is coming together for four days of training, brainstorming, collaboration and of course, celebration. Not only that, for some members of the team, this will be the first opportunity to meet their colleagues face-to-face, so relationship-building will be an important aspect of this event. Because we are a global team, the options are endless in terms of where in the world we can meet for these events. This year, I opted to host it in Vancouver, BC, Canada; where I call home and where Mad Media found it’s beginnings. In addition to th

3 Facebook User Behaviours that Affect Organic Reach

It’s no secret that social media marketers have experienced a decline in organic Facebook engagement and reach. Organic reach is hovering at 6 percent according to a 2014 study by Ogilvy. Facebook has made consistent updates to their complex ranking algorithm that made it difficult for some social marketers, and easy for others to connect with their target audience. Some of these ranking updates, including the most recent “Time Spent Reading Stories” take into account specific user behaviours. So wait, is Facebook’s ranking algorithm really that complex? The answer is yes. More than 100,000 individual weight factors influence the content in your news feed. However, there’s one pillar that we

7 Tips To Consider Before Attending Your Next Social Media Conference

We're down at Social Media Week in Los Angeles this week and it reminded us of how great it is to be prepared before you head to a social media conference (or any conference, for that matter). We've put together a quick list of tips for you to review before you attend the next event in your calendar. 1. Have Business Cards, Hot Off The Press You're going to meet a lot of industry people--potentially even some new customers, partners or even people to add to your team, so be sure you have a way for them to contact you after the event is over. Best way to do this? Hand out your business cards. That's what they're for. A good business card should depict your company branding, provide your name,

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