9 Pinterest Hacks You Should Have In Your Back Pocket

Let the rumours be dispelled! Pinterest is not just “a whole lot of pretty pictures” and a “whole lot of women”. It can mean sales and revenue, as well (and we all like the sounds of that). This week, we tuned into a webinar hosted by Rebekah Radice of PostPlanner and Melissa Megginson of Tailwind that took us through some of the top Pinterest hacks to help you navigate this platform. 1. Find Your Influencers How? Look at who is already pinning your stuff. Go to pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com right now and see. (We had no idea this even existed... #mindblown.) And hey, why not do this for your competitors as well? Connect with those pinners and sway them over your way like the sneaky so

Iceland: A Social Media Marketing Success Story

It was just last week I found myself at the Vancouver Airport, checking in for a flight to Iceland. I was heading there to enjoy a short and sweet, 48-hour holiday, enroute to London for a conference. Now, I admit, I am an avid traveler, but even for me, Iceland seemed a wildly exotic locale. It wasn't somewhere that I had grown up dreaming of. It wasn't anywhere on my bucket list. But, as I have said many times before, I am incredibly influenced by marketing efforts. (As in, you play the right song in a commercial to make me feel emotional about your product? I cry. You have a sale going on? Doesn't matter if I need what you're selling--I'm in.) And Icelandair has done a fantastic job with

Our Journey To Learning Social Selling: Part 1

Social selling is so new, it sometimes seems as though no one really understands it. (If you do, please tweet me ASAP so I can pick your brain.) But it makes sense. It has to work. And it does work--like the time I was sitting alone (posting hot dog/leg pics) at Manhattan Beach enjoying the sunshine, contemplating dinner, when a local restaurant tweeted at me inviting me in for an appie and a drink. I was shocked and amazed at how personal and relevant that offer was. And hey... free stuff?! That always wins with me and at least gets me in the door. I have been discussing social selling opportunities with one of my clients, Allocadia, for almost a year now and we are finally ready to take th

12 Tips To Get Started On Instagram

It’s the fastest growing social network. It’s gaining more attention and popularity among adults and young people. There are 300 million monthly active users. We’re talking about Instagram. And if you haven’t hopped on the #insta bandwagon yet, it’s about time you consider it. As we all know, every social network is different, and needs to be used differently and this visual platform is no exception. Here are a few tips to help you get started. If you’ve just started your new account, post at least 12 photos before adding people. This will make it look legit and not like one of those "fake" accounts or “bots” we all choose not to follow back. Differentiate Instagram from other social platfor

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