How Celebrities Use Social Media To Build Their Brands

It used to be that celebrities were only seen either in their films and television shows, and in celebrity magazines and newspapers. It was all up to the paparazzi and the editors to determine who got the most print space and we, the General Public, consumed whatever was sent our way. We heard about celebs when they were hot--when there was drama in their lives (or speculation of, anyway) or when they had a big role coming up, but when things were simmering in their sexy celebrity lives, they got less press, and we got less information. Everything is different now in the age of social media, and celebrities are loving it! They now have the ability to control so much more of their press as th

14 Wines with Cool Labels

“Never judge a book by it’s cover." Marketers and experienced business people know that whether or not this is “good advice” this is not the reality of how people make decisions. Especially when it comes to wine. Nearly 25 million litres of wine are consumed every year in this world and according to statistics, 100% of purchasers consider the labels and branding of wine very or somewhat important to their decision making. That is a shocking statistic. I even went a step further and polled my own social network and had a tonne of memorable labels that caused them to pull the bottle off the shelf. You know what this means? Branding matters. So make sure you put a little effort into it, people!

8 Tips for Editing Instagram Photos

You've all probably seen those Instagram accounts that post images that are absolutely mind blowing and you wonder... "how on earth do I get my pictures to look like that?" Here are a few tips on how you can edit your own iPhone images to get them to look pro quality! We promise you... editing Instagram pics is easier than you think. 1. Make sure you have good photo. Have an appealing and/or interesting) back drop/background (beach, brick wall, graffiti wall, forest etc). Always shoot in natural light when possible. An hour before sunset and hour after sunrise are know as the “golden hour” and create beautiful soft golden light for photos. Use your phone’s camera app, or take photos in the a

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