A Few Quick Tips For Setting Up Business Facebook Pages

Real talk. I just clicked through 1200 people to invite them to our new Mad Media Facebook page, and you know what? My pointer finger is SORE! This week we are talking about Facebook. We all know what it means for keeping in touch with our friends and family, but how do we use it to connect our friends, our family, and our target market as a whole, with our business’? Business Facebook Pages: They’re seemingly somewhere you just have to be. It depends on your brand of course—it’s not the right space for everyone. But it’s still the most popular (even though I definitely have my eye on Pinterest and Snapchat as they grow at an overwhelmingly fast rate). We, at Mad Media, finally decided to ge

3 Ways To Use Technology For Good

Technology tends to get a bad wrap. From some angles, it can certainly seem like it's taking over our jobs, our relationships and our lives in general. While we have to agree, the increasing presence of technology in our lives can have it's dangers and downsides, it has also brought a lot of opportunities into the world that we all now get to take advantage of. Like what? Well, we're glad you asked. Connecting with Distant Friends & Relatives Facebook has really been the game changer here, I would say. Remember when you used to write letters to your Grandma? While that was a sweet and endearing, how much were you really able to capture when you finally found the time to sit down and write he

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