Snapchat: How To Use It And Why It's Kind Of Awesome (And Addicting)

You've all heard of Snapchat by now, I'm sure. The new app that's sweeping the nation of millennials with it's temporary photo messages and visual "stories". Most of us over the age of 22 roll our eyes when we see someone taking a "snap". We are way too busy and important for Snapchat. We don't have time for that silliness. But brands are paying close attention to this new network. We've said it before and we'll say it again--brands need to find out where their target market is hanging out, and elbow their way in there to join the conversation and get in front of the right people. You gotta play where your people play. And the younger generation are the future buyers--so brands need to get t

Branding Can Be Tricky: A Case Study on ElleBox Co

Branding is a very important part of marketing your business, and can be especially complex these days with so many options and avenues for communicating your messaging. This can also be one of the most fun parts of starting a new business as well, as it forces you to define your identify and then get creative with it. Videos, tag lines, sitting around a conference room table (or garage... or your local pub...) chugging coffee (or cocktails) and brainstorming into the wee hours of the night--it's draining, but it's exciting. But what happens when your product or service has a certain "stigma" around it? It can throw a serious wrench into everything, if the product or service you want people

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