The Best Holiday Campaigns of 2016 - Must See!

The holidays are upon us - Christmas is literally days away! Though there is likely a lot of stress in your world (sorting through gift guides, venturing out into the holiday shopping crowds, and making last-minute family plans), don't forget that this time of year is really about all cheer! Decorations are sparkly, presents are plentiful and the egg nog is niiiiice and stiff. Even this year's best holiday campaigns can bring the grumpiest of grinches joy (and a LOT of laughter). I've been busy cramming in some last minute holiday work before Christmas and have come across some truly fantastic holiday campaigns. Here are some of my favourites: H&M: Come Together I have to say, H&M NAILED thi

6 Startling Startup Costs - And How To Simplify!

So you're thinking about starting your own business. Let me tell you, working for yourself is awesome. Having control over your own schedule. Making your own rules. Hiring your own team. And reaping the fiscal benefits. It'll be a good move--trust me! If you feel like you're ready to take the plunge, you're probably wondering how much it's going to cost you. Here's a bit of a rundown. Every business is going to be a little different of course, but these are the bare bones you're going to need first and foremost. #1 Big Idea First things first, you need to figure out what you're going to do. This should be one part what you're good at, one part what you enjoy doing, and a third part, what the

Sociables: A Social Media Roundup (December Edition)

Working in social media is HARD. You can’t rely on just your trusty college degree to get you through with wild success. This is a very unique field, where the rules change daily. What was best practice yesterday may not be today. How people consume content changes all the time. Hell, there could be an entirely new social network dropped on the world at any given moment and if you really want to be a rockstar at your job, you need to be know about it, try it and understand it – almost immediately, so you can know if it’s the right place for your clients to be. So how do you accomplish this great feat of relentlessly staying up to date? Well, you have to read… A LOT. Lucky for you, social med

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