8 Key Audiences You Should Have Set Up For Facebook Advertising (And Why!)

But, wait, what? I'm a social media marketer. Not a digital advertising expert. This isn't my area! I don't know how to do this stuff?! Ehhhhh--wrong. If you're working in social media these days, you've gotta know how to make your way around the Facebook Ads Manager. And you've gotta know how to take that awesome content you've been sharing organically to your Business Page and pump it out to specific, targeted audiences, at specific times with some budget behind it to really make it fly. But don't worry - it's not that hard. And also, it's SUPER effective. If you haven't been doing this, you've probably been feeling frustrated with your low engagement and flatlining increase in Page Likes.

13 Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow For #WorldPhotoDay

"A picture is worth a thousand words." This age old saying perfectly sums up the importance of visual content in social media. In today's fast-moving, constant-scrolling world - we need to create quickly consumable and thumb-stopping content, and create it often. How does our team do it? We immerse ourselves in the world of social media everyday, absorbing and pulling as much inspiration and creativity as we possibly can from it. Here are 13 Instagram accounts (plus 4 bonus accounts!) that our team is loving right now. @NatGeo @BeautifulDestinations @CampbrandGoods @AmpedandCo @FoodByMaria @Adobe @BevHillsHotel @Lizzie_Darden @TheDesignKids @DrinkBai @Bloguettes @ColorMeCourtney @VossWorld B

3 Social Media Methods You Need to Ditch Immediately

As social media marketers, the one rule of thumb we all quickly learn is that social media is always changing. And with every change, we must alter our clients’ social media strategies. It’s not just the new methods that we should start including in our strategies, but also the old methods that we need to boot immediately. Lately, we’ve noticed a few key tactics that are on their way out of social strategies (and you might not have even noticed!) Less is more. We’re learning more and more that the attention span of social media users is decreasing. In fact, you have 3 seconds to build an impression on someone. Unfortunately, this means we have to cut down on text and work more on visual cont

Sociables: Social Media Stuff Our Team Is Chatting About

We've said it once, and we'll say it again. Social media - this industry we're in - is CONSTANTLY changing on us. New networks, new best practices and new algorithms are constantly popping up to blind side us social media professionals and kick us on our butts. So to keep our social feeds from failing, we have to stay super tuned in. We have a Slack channel called #thingstomakeussmarter where we all share the most recent blogs and updates we find with big news. Here's the skinny on what we're talking about behind the scenes at Mad Media lately. How to Legally Repost User-Generated Content on Instagram User-generated content makes for a great addition to your brands Instagram story. And the b

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