The Social Media Image Sizes You Need In 2017

Your time is valuable, so we're not going to let you waste any more of it trying to figure out alllll the different image sizes for the various social media networks you need to share to. Enough is enough. Here is your list of optimal social media image sizes for 2017. No downloadable's. No laggy graphics No B.S. FACEBOOK Profile Photo - 180 x 180 Cover Photo - 820 x 462 Timeline Photo - 1200 x 630 Event Photo - 1920 x 1080 INSTAGRAM Profile Photo (round) - 180 x 180 Feed Photo/Video - 1080 x 1080 Story Photo/Video - 1080 x 1920 LINKEDIN Personal Profile Photo - 400 x 400 Business Profile Photo - 300 x300 Personal Cover Photo - 1000 x 425 Business Cover Photo - 1536 x 768 Timeline Photo - 12

3 Templates To Use When Writing LinkedIn Recommendations

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 15 years, you know that LinkedIn is “the resume” of the millennium. It’s where people go to decide whether or not you’re going to a great fit to work with, or are going to be an utter disaster once they get you onboard. People prefer to make decisions based on information. And while the list of features and benefits a company (or a person) offers about themselves is helpful, when it comes down to it, they trust “reviews” the most. Hence why we trust TripAdvisor over a hotel’s website. Or we consult Rotten Tomatoes before making any decisions on what movie is worth wasting two hours our lives on. People feel the same way about people. They’l

10 Punny Ways to Use the New iOS11 Emojis On Social Media

It’s been an exciting few days in the Apple-sphere! With two new iPhones, Apple Watch Series 3, and a 4K Apple TV - it’s hard to ignore these new products. And did we mention Animojis?! That was by far the best part of the Keynote. Technology is evolving so much that we’re now able to animate emojis using our facial expressions! Crazy, right? Now sure, animoji’s are coming out with the iPhone X - but for those of us who are kicking it old school with the previous generations (and frankly, are too poor to spend $1K on a new phone), we’re excited to use the new emojis with the upcoming iOS11 update. Why? Because with new emojis comes more exciting (and totally business-friendly) puns for our s

Sociables: Social Media Stuff Our Team Is Chatting About

We've said it once, and we'll say it again. Social media - this industry we're in - is CONSTANTLY changing on us. New networks, new best practices and new algorithms are constantly popping up to blind side us social media professionals and kick us on our butts. So to keep our social feeds from failing, we have to stay super tuned in. We have a Slack channel called #thingstomakeussmarter where we all share the most recent blogs and updates we find with big news. Here's the skinny on what we're talking about behind the scenes at Mad Media lately. 5 LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE TIPS TO ENHANCE YOUR MARKETING Your company needs a LinkedIn Page. Why? It’s a professional one-stop-shop to showcase your co

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