The New Facebook Explore Tab; What You Need To Know.

I was asked to join a VentureApp web chat this week to talk about some of the “big news” that just came out about Facebook. Oh wait - you haven’t heard? Quick synopsis then: Facebook recently announced that it is testing some things around the new Explore Tab. The part that’s got businesses and social media managers concerned? They’re looking at excluding Facebook Page posts from the regular News Feed and keeping them all in the Explore Tab. That is, unless businesses “pay to play”. “Facebook Explore Feed is rolling out globally this week. Most people around the world can see it in their bookmarks and they can discover new content here. But in Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala

7 Free Resources That Every Social Media Manager Should Have In Their Back Pocket

FREE! I love seeing that word. In the vast and ever expanding online world, it can be difficult to locate the resources you need to execute a social media marketing plan. Here at Mad Media, we have compiled a list of 7 FREE resources that will make the job of a Social Media Manager a whole lot easier… and less expensive. Hootsuite Resource Library Hootsuite has a library full of free resources that readers can look back on when they need a bit of inspiration or direction. Some of the best freebies include: a social media strategy template and advice on how to build a social following. Days Of The Year Calendar by Mad Media Our team of Social Media Rockstars here at Mad Media have created a

Unplug: It's Time For A Digital Detox

About a year and a half ago, I was attending a conference on behalf of a client - to “live tweet”. Yes, that is a thing .A thing we do, and do well, whereby essentially we are paid to document all the goings on at a particular event via social media. Why? This provides our followers with “insider info” and a “behind the scenes” peek, as well as key takeaways, thought leadership and big ideas. It’s very effective! But alas, this blog isn’t to sell you on hiring us to “live tweet”. This detail just provides a kind of polarizing context. So there I was, Smartphone in hand, laptop on lap, shoulder to shoulder in the keynote, ready to hear Founder of Huffington Post take the stage. She walked out

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