Case Study: Playing The Long Game & Building A Community

This is a story of community. This is a story of success. This is a story of patience. Gluten Free Calgary (@gfyyc) was born nearly five years ago and now commands an audience of over 30,000 engaged fans. With this community, they’ve been able to sell advertising, host events and even launch a product of their own (GFYYC Goodie Bags). I’m going to tell you how they got there. The key to it is patience. When you get started with social media (as with most businesses) you can’t expect results overnight. Successful entrepreneurs know - you’ve gotta be prepared to hustle. To work hard - morning to night, seven days a week and at times, give a few freebies away, until you build a solid customer d

What I Learned Live Tweeting The Golden Globes

This years #GoldenGlobes2018 was a night to remember. However, the star of the show wasn’t the nominated movies and television shows, it was the message of hope and change inspired by the #MeToo, #WhyWeWearBlack, and #TimesUp movements. And throughout this momentous evening I was live tweeting the action on behalf of Mad Media. Now, why would a social media marketing company want to live tweet the Golden Globes? Well, this years event was a prime example of why you can’t pre-plan every post. Sometimes you need to be there, in the action, catching everything as it is happening in real time. And if you are (and your creative juices are flowing), you can do some pretty cool things. Check out th

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