Audits aren’t just for taxes: Complete your own social media audit!

After a long dreary winter, spring has finally arrived! And that means it’s time to start your spring cleaning! You clean your home, your car, your yard… everything gets a refresh. But did you ever consider that it might also be a good time to refresh your social media strategy? Completing a social media audit is an integral part of your social media marketing plan. It is important to understand how well your strategy is working and if it needs to be revamped. Essentially, a social media audit is an examination of your brands social profiles and how they’re performing. During the audit ask yourself questions: Am I using the right social networks for my brand? Do I have social accounts that I

We’re All Women, And We’re Doing Just Fine

“Women succeeding all on their own should be an everyday occurrence.” - Katie Burkhart It's International Women’s Day, and that means marketers everywhere are working to find unique tie-ins for their brand to join the conversation. For us, it was particularly easy. Why? Because we are an all-female team, supported by some strong female partners. We all sat down at our Creative Meeting to discuss how to execute around this theme and we bounced ideas back and forth. Compile quotes from strong female leaders? Share stories from our favorite successful females? We were hungry for an angle. And I, leading the charge around this content, reached out to my trusted partners for their opinion. And he

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