How the Mad Media Team Got Into Social!

Social media marketing is a relatively new field. It has only really been around since the start of Facebook in 2004, and was considered to be a fad by marketers when it first began. Now, it’s clearly here to stay! It gives emerging small business an opportunity to get in front of potential customers and established business the ability to reach audiences they never thought possible. But, how did Mad Media come to be? And how did the Mad Media team start their journey in social media marketing? The story is more interesting than you’d think! Tessa Social media wasn't around in a very big way when I was graduating, so it wasn't a career I ever considered from the get go, although I always had

Your Daily Social Media Checklist

So you're setting up social media for your business, it's can't be that hard, right? You check your own social media everyday. With the help of a few scheduling apps and a content calendar, you got this. Or not... Social media is a whole new ball game when you're tracking conversions, referrals, engagement rates and whatever else you've determined is key to prove your ROI. We can't just "schedule and leave it", audiences demand authenticity and they need to know there is a person behind the screen. They need that human interaction through comments, DM's and likes. This requires you, the personality behind the brand and the screen, to manually check and interact with your social feeds every d

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