Video, video, video. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past few months, it’s that video is the new black! Any social media marketer knows that in order for a company to be successful, they need to implement video into their social media strategy - whether it’s...

So events. Big part of marketing. Big part of how brands connect with potential customers right?

What people think you need to make an impact at an event:

  • A keynote speaker slot

  • A bomb-ass presentation

  • A flashy booth (with a significant investment)

  • A h...

Pinterest, the often underestimated social media marketing tool, has recently rolled out some very exciting new search features.

Working in social media is HARD. You can’t rely on just your trusty college degree to get you through with wild success. This is a very unique field, where the rules change daily. What was best practice yesterday may not be today. How people consume content changes all...

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