I was asked to join a VentureApp web chat this week to talk about some of the “big news” that just came out about Facebook. Oh wait - you haven’t heard? Quick synopsis then:

Facebook recently announced that it is testing some things around the new Explore Tab. The par...

FREE! I love seeing that word.  In the vast and ever expanding online world, it can be difficult to locate the resources you need to execute a social media marketing plan.  Here at Mad Media, we have compiled a list of 7 FREE resources that will make the job of a Socia...

Instagram can be a hard game to play. On a platform with millions of image uploads every day, how can you make your profile stand out?

About a year and a half ago, I was attending a conference on behalf of a client - to “live tweet”. Yes, that is a thing .A thing we do, and do well, whereby essentially we are paid to document all the goings on at a particular event via social media. Why? This provides...

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