• Tessa May Marr

Sociables: A Social Media Roundup (May Edition)

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Working in social media is HARD. You can’t rely on just your trusty college degree to get you through with wild success. This is a very unique field, where the rules change daily. What was best practice yesterday may not be today. How people consume content changes all the time. Hell, there could be an entirely new social network dropped on the world at any given moment and if you really want to be a rockstar at your job, you need to be know about it, try it and understand it – almost immediately, so you can know if it’s the right place for your clients to be. So how do you accomplish this great feat of relentlessly staying up to date? Well, you have to read… A LOT. Lucky for you, social media gurus (such as ourselves) love to write about this stuff, so it’s pretty easy to get your hands on the deets. (You can just follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for a steady feed of it all–real time.) To be even more helpful (it’s just in our nature), we’ve decided to round up our top performing content from this past month for you – right here and now.

So sit back, grab yourself a cocktail (let’s be honest, you deserve it–you work hard) and get up to speed, Rockstars.

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As we know, video is definitely becoming the "go to" for social marketing. There is no right or wrong recipe for success, but what we do know is that teens (and even real, live adults as well) are choosing Snapchat. So get into it!

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Audio Content Made Easy: Fantastic Apps for Podcasting

Podcasting, what the heck is it? If you don’t know that answer than this article isn’t for you. However, if you’re about to jump into the world of digital chatter than here are some apps you’ll need for planning, recording and editing.

16 Writing Tools for Social Media Marketers

No matter how educated your are, keeping your tweets to 140 characters or less and still making them eye-catching can be challenging. There are tools for that, and this article breaks them down for you.