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3 New Pinterest Visual Discovery Tools You Need To Try!

SchedulePinterest, the often underestimated social media marketing tool, has recently rolled out some very exciting new search features. Always on the edge of search engine technology, theses new discovery updates have us squealing with excitement!

We were recently in the audience at Social Media Week LA, and had the pleasure of learning about these new updates from Pinterest Head of Vertical Strategy, Brian Monahan. Here's what he taught us.


Like Shazam for real life. That's right, all our childhood dreams are coming true! Remember seeing your classmate in those shiny new shoes? Or seeing your next door neighbour playing with those epic action figures - wondering where they came from? Well, now it's as easy as the click of a button. The Pinterest lens is a super slick way to image search your surroundings! Whhhhhatttt!? Just snap a photo, and Pinterest will do the research for you. Take a photo within the Pinterest app on your phone - tap to focus, pinch to zoom, and/or flash features all included - and instantly see similar pins, related ideas, and even where to shop!


This one will have fashion bloggers and design houses jumping in their heels with excitement. With this new feature, you can tap the pin and break it down to see where each piece is from. You now have the ability to really explore pins, purchase within the app and even see how other Pinners are styling that particular look.

Photo from ShopStyle Collective.


Another really neat app feature. Search out specific items within a pin image. See a dining room table you love in an interior shot? Zoom in, and crop the image to reveal more about the item - including similar pins. Or, how about this lightbox on the shelf?

Tap the zoom feature in the top right corner, and crop the image to focus on the item you want to learn more about.

And Pinterest will populate a variety of pins that match.

How nifty is that!?

We want to know, which feature are you most excited to try?

Fun Fact! Pinterest has an idea team call “The Pin Factory”, how awesomely cute is that!?

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