• Tessa May Marr

How Social Got Us Noticed At An Event

So events. Big part of marketing. Big part of how brands connect with potential customers right?

What people think you need to make an impact at an event:

  • A keynote speaker slot

  • A bomb-ass presentation

  • A flashy booth (with a significant investment)

  • A huge team starting conversations with every passerby

Those things are great, but if you don’t have a big budget, a big team, a lot of time or a presentation slot at all, it’s okay! You can still make events work for you. I swear. And I’m going to tell you how.

These days, at events (or just all day erry day in life), people are staring at their phones. This is why it’s crucial brands be investing in social these days….

And events are no different. Yes - people are coming together in one physical location and yes, they might intend to have some real life, face-to-face conversations like it’s 1995. But I am willing to bet you, they’ll spend a good portion - like a really really good chunk of time - staring at their personal electronic devices.

I know. Take a minute here. Shake your head at how society has changed so much. And at how little we connect now IRL (that means in real life, and we say that because it’s shorter to text…) and how we focus mainly on connected via technology. Vent. Tsk tsk tsk. Go for it.

But now, get over it. And focus on how your brand can learn to operate and excel in this new age technology-obsessed world we’re in. Because a) you have to figure it out or you won’t be around long and b) because there are actually some really cool (and affordable) options to market this way! Check it.

Our team recently attended Social Media Week LA where we mingled with social media experts and gurus and even celebrities learning the latest and greatest in the field. It was jam-packed with information. (Seriously, we all spent the entire weekend that followed napping and watching The Real Housewives in bed. Not together… that would be weird.) Many people like us, who attend conferences like this (or on any topic with relevance to their jobs or lives) might be inclined to take notes so as to not forget all the juicy stuff. Then post event, they can revisit these notes and remind themselves of what they learned and start putting it into practice. Maybe they even share a few key takeaways with their team at a team meeting. Maybe. But then the reach stops there.

We change dit up a bit and took all of our “notes” via tweets. We even took behind the scenes videos where we shared the mind-blowing moments on camera to our Instagram followers. And broadcast live Facebook video from the very best sessions.

Why’d we do that?