• Casey Mathison

The Value Of Visuals In Social Media

The Value of Visuals In Social Media

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

We’ve all heard this age-old saying. A quote that has truly stood the test of time. In the business of social media, images (in the form of graphics, photography, video, etc.) are our secret weapon.

In the age of Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter we have become a scrolling culture. We don't have time for headlines, full articles and rambling blogs. Give us the story, and give it to us fast.

Adapt or die.

Ok, you're not going to die, but without the support of visuals, your social media presence might. You have to stand out against the noise by creating quickly consumable, attention grabbing images that leave a meaningful and memorable impact with your audience. Images are the quickest, most impactful way for you to tell your story.

You can use them to:

  • Promote upcoming events and webinars

  • Show off your team and workplace culture

  • Express your brand tone (which can be difficult to do in the digital space) and share your values

  • Support your already existing content (blogs, articles, PR)

The list goes on.

How can you incorporate images into your social media strategy? (What's that, you don't have a strategy? Get as us ASAP, and let us help you build one.) You don't have to be a designer, or need to have one in your back pocket (although if you need one, we know a girl 😉). And unless you're selling a tangible consumer packaged good, you don't need to be a professional photographer with a DSLR on hand (although, again, we know a girl 😊). Our tools and resources are literally endless, you just need to know how to utilize them. Here's a list of social media image ideas and tools that can be used to execute them. Inject these babies into your content calendar and watch your impressions grow.

Custom Graphics

Use these to share on-brand and/or thought leadership quotes, to promote content and events or even to share some insider tips & tricks. Canva is a free, user-friendly tool that can be used to create these eye-catching images. No design experience required!

Quote Graphic

Stock Images

There is already a slew of great photography out there, free and up for grabs for anyone to use. Just make sure you’re selecting images that are brand aligned. We love Pexels and Unsplash.

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