• Michelle Zaporojets

The Power of PR

"If I only had two dollars left, I'd spend one dollar oN PR." - Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a smart man - no wonder he's had so much success! As one of the most powerful methods of marketing, public relations (PR) stands at the top amongst social media and email marketing for small businesses. And yet, so few companies understand what PR is nor what it can bring to the table (aka, their business).

And if you're one of those business owners - hello👋 as a PR rockstar, I'll tell you the values of PR in the easiest, quickest way possible.


Similar to social media marketing, PR is first and foremost about getting your name out there - because how else are your customers going to find you? Whether you're placed in national magazines, Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways, or even in the background of a Beauty YouTuber's video - PR is effective for any brand.

In fact, I was recently able to place our client, Sathi Retreats, in a YogaJournal article ("13 Yoga Retreats You Can Actually Afford in 2018"). While it might seem unfortunate that they were placed 9th on the slideshow (since many people doze off after a few clicks into the article nowadays), nonetheless their website traffic skyrocketed 427% after the publication date. The article still continues to gain them 200% more traffic on average, even weeks after it came out! Sathi Retreats is obtaining their target market from YogaJournal - potential customers that likely would not have known about them if it wasn't for this article.


Getting your business consistently mentioned in various publications builds credibility within your industry and allows you to generate leads (yes, PR can be a lead generation strategy!).

Psychologically, when a product is published in a magazine or credible news source, readers will find more validity and typically will feel more inclined to buy it. However, this isn't always the case!

Have you ever heard the saying "all PR is good PR"? I'm shutting that down ASAP and saying that's 100% wrong! PR is about targeting specific audiences and your ideal customers, just like with any marketing effort! You shouldn't be getting your name out there just for the sake of it, but really targeting your ideal customers/clients and generating some real leads.

For example, let's say our CEO, Tessa May Marr, gets quoted in a reliable news source. If she's quoted talking about the latest trend in home decor, chances are we're not reaching the audiences that's relevant to our social media marketing agency. On the other hand, if she's quoted talking about the latest marketing trends, she's not only reaching the right audience (with potential clients!), but also building credibility within the marketing industry!

P.S. This actually happened in a recent Forbes article!🙌 Don't you instantly find us more credible now with a Forbes quote behind our name?

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"71% of business owners say their marketing dollars are best spent on PR." - Inc. 500