• Michelle Zaporojets

Case Study: A Nonprofit’s Journey to Growing an Engaged Social Audience

For any business, large or small, growing your following on social media is an integral part of success. These days, it’s an essential part of marketing. Sure, you can go down the traditional marketing path of highway billboards and radio advertisements, but 3.1 billion people are, in one form or another, using social media. And this number continues increasing by 13% every year!

Are you going to miss out on potentially advertising to 3.1 billion people?

Short answer is, you shouldn’t! And companies these days are quickly recognizing that you need an active social media presence to build a community and reach your target market.

The Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation came to us in early August 2017, asking for help growing their online presence. We instantly knew that as a women-led nonprofit organization with an important cause behind them, they would see exponential growth - and quickly!

With only 43 followers on Facebook and another 43 followers on Twitter, we knew that we were starting from scratch in growing their following. And we were ready for the challenge!

In just nine months, we were able to:

  • Grow their Twitter following by 4888% (43 to 2145)

  • Grow their Facebook following by 3776% (43 to 1667)

  • Increase Twitter impressions by 13637% (305 to 41900)

  • Grow Facebook engagement rate to 14% (started at 0%)

  • Increase website traffic from social media by 6900% (0 to 70)

The Strategy

Before we started posting to the Foundation’s social accounts, we spent time creating a custom social strategy (always the first step when we bring on a new client). We did a deep dive into their competitors and current social status. With 43 followers on Twitter and Facebook, and a fairly inactive social presence, there was little to examine. But it was clear that their competitors were very successful in the Twitter and Facebook spheres.

We also considered who the Foundation’s target demographic was. It’s critical for us to understand the audience in order to strategically select which platforms a brand should leverage for expansion. Instagram tends to skew more towards the younger demographic, while Facebook is (surprisingly!) skewed towards the older generation (which definitely wasn’t the case a decade ago!), and Twitter hovers somewhere in the middle.

Since WIMLF targets primarily established, prestigious female doctors, we decided to start with Facebook and Twitter.

Our ultimate objective with social media was to engage with and build and engage a community genuinely interested in the legacy of women in medicine, as well as to establish the Foundation as a leading influencer in the space. To support that goal, we shared content on the wage gap, medical school acceptance rates, sexism and sexual assault in medicine, as well as internal content including blog posts and quotes about or said by women in medicine.

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