• Alanna Poole

10 Shocking Stats About Emojis

What started in Japan in the late nineties and has taken the world by storm? Well yes--Sailor Moon and Pokémon were quite popular for awhile, but you don’t see too many millenials trading Pokémon cards these days. Out of guesses? It was EMOJIS, and it all started with one little face!🙂

Emojis have become so popular that there is now a day devoted to them (July 17)! In honour of #WorldEmojiDay, we’ve got some wild and shocking stats and marketing tips about these little creatures.👾

1. As of June 2018 there are 2823 emojis supported by the newest version of iOS 11.4 and there are more to come in 2018.

2. The new emojis on the way include redheads, a softball, kangaroo, lobster, and skateboard! (We can’t wait our team includes two red heads 🦁🦁)

3. The 😂 was the most popular emoji up until 2017, but the 🤷‍♀️ has taken over in popularity in the past year.

4. Over 5 million of these little pictures are sent through Facebook messenger each day.😜 Emojis aren't just being used by younger populations; according to one Statisica report over 74 percent of the entire American populations uses emojis in their communication on a daily basis. (You should see my text messages with my Mom…)

5. Clearly emoji enhanced communication is here to stay. According to one study published in Social Neuroscience emojis are actually reshaping our brains.🤯

6. They have changed the way we communicate online. It can be difficult for words on a screen to convey emotion, and that's where Emojis shine. They bring extra meaning to messages, and help ensure that a clear message gets across to the intended audience.

7. Instagram has discovered that when emoji use goes up slang use goes down. (I guess LOL, and ROFL were sooo 2010)!

8. Emojis have hidden meanings! 😱 Be sure you know what your emoji means before you share it or there could be some awkward moments.... Here's a list of hidden meanings for you to read up on.