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  • Alanna Poole

How the Mad Media Team Got Into Social!

Social media marketing is a relatively new field. It has only really been around since the start of Facebook in 2004, and was considered to be a fad by marketers when it first began. Now, it’s clearly here to stay! It gives emerging small business an opportunity to get in front of potential customers and established business the ability to reach audiences they never thought possible.

But, how did Mad Media come to be? And how did the Mad Media team start their journey in social media marketing? The story is more interesting than you’d think!


Social media wasn't around in a very big way when I was graduating, so it wasn't a career I ever considered from the get go, although I always had an aptitude and interest in marketing. But by 2012, I was mesmerized by the power of social media and how some businesses were creating such impactful connections with new and current customers using various platforms. And in turn, how many businesses were missing this opportunity. *light bulb switches on* I set out to test, trial and experiment by creating a new Twitter account: @gfyyc and over a few years, that grew to become a powerful community spanned over four different social networks and we were even able to launch a profitable revenue business. It was in 2014 that I took on my first client, and within a month of that, another. From there, it became evident I was going to need a team working with me to make this ship really sail and to date, I am thrilled to say we have a dream team that has worked with a total 36 clients, supporting them in accessing the power of social media in marketing.


I stumbled upon social media marketing through graphic design. I was actually still IN design school when Tessa (and the Mad Media team) first approached me about a project they were working on, then it all kinda snowballed from there. Next thing I knew, I had a design job BEFORE graduating (boo yah) and was slowly dipping my toe into the social media aspect of the business. Fast forward 3 years later, and here I am - a full-time social media marketer with Mad Media!


My first exposure to social media (from a business perspective) actually came to me by surprise. At the time, I was your typical university student barista at a coffee shop in Vancouver, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life once I graduated. This was 2014, so Instagram had already been developed and was just starting to actually become popular among businesses. The coffee shop I was working at was brand new and needed a boost in traffic, so I came up with the ever-so-brilliant plan (well, at the time it was brilliant!) to create and run their Instagram account. It made my barista job a lot more enjoyable and allowed me to realize what I wanted to pursue as a career. And shortly after, I secured my first post-university job with Mad Media and have been here since!


I was introduced to the world of social media marketing through networking on social! I had just moved to a new city and was looking for a part time job that I could do while I was completing some online courses. I was taking a study break (on Facebook of course) and I saw a friend of mine had posted a job for a Social Media Coordinator. I thought to myself, “I’m active on most social networks, so I must be an expert!” I applied for the job, and got it! Little did I know I had A LOT to learn. It has been a challenging, yet amazing journey, and I have had the BEST mentors along the way!

As you can see we all have different origin stories, but we share the same passion for growing business (big and small) through social media. If your business is looking to make an impact on social send us an email and we can start to create a social strategy for you!

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