• Tessa May Marr

How To Structure Your Facebook Ads (And A Whole Bunch Of Reasons To Be Running Them!)

Updated: Aug 13


Facebook advertising can seem overwhelming if you haven’t used it before, but I promise you--it’s worth getting a handle on! Businesses large and small can see huge impacts by allocating some budget here. With its effective and easy-to-use targeting, creative tools and immediate results, it’s one of my favourite places to help my clients invest when they’re looking to go beyond organic results. (And let me tell you--if you’re relying solely on organic social to bring you results this day and age, you are missing out!) So let’s get you started here. There are three levels within the advertising structure, and it’s important to understand each one and what you control within each before you start building. Let’s take a look.


Campaigns are the “big buckets.” A campaign contains multiple ad sets, which each contain multiple ads. (If you just went cross-eyed, take a peek at the helpful visual I’ve included here.) At the campaign level, you are choosing your advertising objective.

As you can see, there are a lot of different options here, so you really need to think about what your goal is. Some of the common objectives we choose all the time:

awareness search

Traffic - drive link clicks getting more people to your website… and from there, it’s the website’s job to work it’s magic and move them further down the funnel

Page likes - continue to grow your organic audience with a bit of spend here (we suggest $100/month ongoing) so that when you are putting up those organic posts, they’ll hit more people!

Event responses - get your event in front of more people who may want to attend, driving them to respond as interested or going which means they get notified when you update it, or as the event nears closer AND their networks see this event response in their feeds as well

Post engagement - drive more interactions on a post that educates people about your brand in some way, which works particularly well for contests and giveaways

Ad Sets

Now we’re down a level! You can create one or multiple ad sets within each campaign. In each ad set you will specify:

  • Targeting (who are you trying to reach?)

  • Budget (how much are you going to spend?)

  • Schedule (when and how long will this ad run?)

  • Bidding (how much are you willing to pay for each result?)

  • Placement (where will your ads be shown?)