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6 Reasons You Need Social Media For Your Event

Social Media for Events

Social media matters now more than ever, which is why it is crucial for event organizers to use it effectively. Seriously, stats show everyone’s doing it, so if you’re not--you’re missing out in a big way. Let’s take a deeper look into how leveraging social media can make a huge impact on your overall event marketing efforts.

#1: Expand reach and generate buzz.

Events can be a huge investment, so naturally, you would want to get the biggest ROI. The days of relying solely on event flyers around town and sending emails to last years list are gone. Now, you can (and should!) also being utilizing social media to its fullest potential. Social media allows you to get in front of fresh eyes and reach a larger audience. It also provides a window into your event experience for those considering attending and allows you to create conversations, answer questions and build relationships with attendees before they set foot in your event! We worked with one client closely on their event social execution before, during and after who raved: that "Our reputation at events improved dramatically. Our events got a lot more effective. People knew us before our events, met us at our events and then they engaged after."

A visual guide to social media for events.

# 2: Create #FOMO.

Unless your event is going to be broadcast live on TV, social media is how your event is seen far beyond the venue’s four walls. You can showcase what is going on in real-time as your event is taking place. Reach the people who did not attend, and show them what they’re missing! And event attendees will help you with that, as they share their excitement through their own social channels. #FOMO is a real thing--see for yourself!

# 3: Control the message.

By creating a social media strategy prior to promoting your event on social, you get to build your story, refine your messaging and create your branding so you can present your event in the highest light possible. Set the expectation ahead of time to reflect on what attendees can expect from your event. This is where you create how your event is seen in the eyes of your audience. If you start posting without a strategy, you can come off looking disorganized and amateur. However, it is important to be honest with the messaging and brand that you are portraying. You don’t want to have a Frye Festival case on your hands. What you portray and promise online should be exactly what the event attendees have to look forward to.

We fan-girl over Create & Cultivate’s social media presence. From their beautifully curated Instagram feed to their cohesive copy and messaging, they have event social dialled in.

Instagram feed

Facebook events

# 4: Drive ticket sales.

Having a strong and strategic social media strategy only benefits achieving higher ticket sales and creating awareness around your event. Once your event is confirmed, announce it on social media and with a strong call-to-action and drive users to click through and register. Targeted ads can optimize this even further, ensuring you are reaching the right people and tracking exactly how many purchases you’ve driven through social media. In fact, Eventbrite’s integration into Facebook allows your attendees to easily book tickets to your event while they are using this social channel.

#5: Create compelling content.

On-site social media experts (like us!) show up ready to create content. Using photos and videos, we share live for all the social media world to see! But even after the event is over, that content lives on. It will stay on your social channels for anyone scrolling back, and you can repurpose it to promote your next event as well when the time comes. Walk away with a library of assets at your disposal.

#6: Engage with attendees and build relationships.

While engaging with event attendees in-person at the event is awesome, utilizing your event social media channels can build a more connected, online community and get you noticed! Do this by encouraging event attendees to share their stories, opinions, excitement and photos before, during and after the event. Chat with them about what speakers or aspects they’re most looking forward to, answer questions they may have, encourage them to share and bring friends, and thank them for attending after it’s all said and done. Creating memorable relationships like that will ensure they show up for your next event--with bells on.

Event Planner, Cheyanne Ackerson of Communiti Collective says, “Social media has now become an expectation at events. Not only is it a tool to drive ticket sales and engage event attendees, but it is also an amazing tool for event planners to get noticed and have their work on display for the world to see. I have had a number of clients inquire about my services by seeing my name tagged in different posts from events that I have produced. I do not do any formal “advertising’, I let social media do this for me.”

Now, that all sounds great right? But it’s a lot of work. We understand how busy you are, so we are here to give you back the time that you desire (and need!) to execute your event. With our social media expertise and love for events, we build, streamline and execute your event social media efforts, so you don’t have to. Book a free 30-minute consultation call to see how our services can make an impact on your next event.

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