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3 Tips to Drive Sales Over The Holidays

The Holidays are nearly upon us and you know what that means… It’s time to make money! (No? Is that not what they say?)

We work with many e-commerce brands and for them, this is one of the biggest money maker seasons of the year. This means it’s our job to make sure that they drive as much revenue as they can during this opportune time.

And we’re feeling particularly generous, so we’re going to share with you three tips on how you, too, can drive astronomical sales this holiday season.

1. Start with awareness.

This is the first step of any successful campaign and yet is one that is so commonly overlooked. It astounds us every time we step into an Ads Manager and this campaign is nowhere to be found! Fail, people. Fail.

Marketing is a lot like dating. (Stay with us here.) You can’t just meet someone and ask them to marry you. You have to court them first! You need to start with the task of catching their eye from across the room before you move in for the kill.

This is why awareness ads are always your first step. No–they’re not going to drive revenue dollars immediately, but they are worth their spend as they warm up your audience with love and affection (or awareness, one might say) who will then be much more likely to convert down the road (which will cost you less! See how this formula works?)

Date before you marry. Walk before you run. You choose the metaphor, but you catch the drift?

2. Re-target, re-target, re-target.

Well, what a segway this is!

Your best-converting audience is going to be an audience that already knows you, likes you, and has an understanding of your products or services and pricing. People need approximately seven interactions with a brand before they’re ready to buy; so once you’ve warmed them up with awareness, hit them while they’re hot with re-targeting ads!

Most social media advertising platforms allow you to retarget people who:

  • Have visited your website before (or specific pages of your website)

  • Have subscribed to your email list

  • Have interacted with content on your social media

  • Have interacted with specific ads in the past

Build your lists, install your pixels and set your ads in motion! You’ll be amazed at the results you get with these ones.

And you know an even better way to get your mid-funnel to convert?...

3. Discounts do well!

Human beings are prone to purchasing things when they’re discounted. In fact, according to Namogoo, “two-thirds of people say they’d make a purchase if they had a coupon, regardless of whether they initially planned to buy something.” There are a ton of different ways you can provide discounts to incent people to buy. Here are just a few ideas our clients have seen success with:

  • First-time customer offer (usually 10-15%)

  • Big overall markdowns (ie. Black Friday, 25%+ off)

  • Offering exclusive discounts to special groups through re-targeting (ie. social media followers, email subscribers, website visitors, etc.)

Afraid to discount and lose your profit margin? When you’re pricing your products and services, be sure you price high enough that you leave room for discounts, so you’re still getting the margins you have planned for.

If you employ these three tactics thoughtfully this holiday season, we can guarantee you some astronomical results. And hey–if you need help putting these tactics in place, it’s a bit late to ask us for help. Haha! We may not be able to take over for you this late in the game, but we do have a handy template you can download to plan your organic content along with these paid tips. Download it here.

And if you’re planning ahead for next year already (which you should be) and want to know how adding social media advertising into your strategy can make a big difference, let’s connect.

Happy holidays!

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