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3 Ways Realtors Can Improve Their Social Media Curb Appeal

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Working in real estate can prove to be very lucrative. However, in an oversaturated market, how does your business stand out from the crowd?

In 2022, it's more than apparent that everyone either has social media or knows its importance. Building a solid social presence is crucial to ensure success, whether established or just starting out. During all stages of business, social media can be the best way to reach your target market while simultaneously providing many other benefits: grow your audience, build brand credibility and awareness, generate leads, and nurture your entire funnel. However, the most crucial benefit of social media is the ability to build strong relationships, which any realtor knows is the secret to success.

So, how does one break through all the noise and create an effective marketing campaign that builds relationships and ensures growth?

You aren't alone if you have online platforms but are frustrated because you haven't figured out how to make them work for you. The days of park bench ads and billboards are long behind us. It's not enough anymore for people to simply recognize your face or company logo. Agencies and businesses want impressions they can track with tangible and profitable results. Some of you may remember the "rule-of-seven", which states that an average person needs to come across your brand seven times before they buy; however, in 2017, it was shown that the modern consumer is exposed to over 5,000 ads a day and has become proficient at tuning them out. If you are ready to ditch that old "rule-of-seven" mindset follow along and begin implementing the tips below:

1. Make a CONNECTION with your consumers.

Make your buyer the main focus of your advertising and marketing. Start conversations with those that follow you, show up as human and authentic in Posts and Stories--anything to build the relationships today that will convert to business tomorrow.

2. Create a SOLUTION to their problem.

A good way to connect with your buyers is by providing educational and informative content. People don't like to be sold! But if you focus on helping them buy, it's a different story. Put yourself in their shoes: what do they want to know? Share content relevant to your buyer, answer burning questions you know they have, and offer helpful tips

3. Think CREATIVELY when it comes to any type of advertising and marketing.

Whether partnering with someone to cross-promote your services, holding an event to network with more people, or doing something completely out of the box, people love novelty and will appreciate it if you can be the one who gives it to them.

One realtor we work with used this method and doubled her Instagram followers in just one week! Find out how. Now you’re thinking, “Ok, that sounds great in theory, but I’m a working professional and already have so much on my plate. How am I supposed to find the capacity to add this into my daily routine also?”

That’s where we come in! Anyone in business knows that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. However, we more than understand the daily helter-skelter involved with managing customers, employees, and everything in between. Let us help you!

Marr Media Group has just launched a social support program targeting realtors who want to grow their business and generate leads. Our program offers packages for social media strategies, audits, and continued support to keep you on top of the social media game.

If you're a realtor who wants to benefit from this, let's connect! Together we can take your business to the next level.

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