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4 Apps You Need To Level Up Your Visual Content

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No designer on hand? No worries! Not everyone needs a design degree in their back pocket to make thumb-stopping graphics in the digital space these days.

Having someone with a keen eye for design and a knowledge of the fundamentals is important if you’re building a brand - but once this is established - creating eye catching visuals and captivating the scrollers is doable for anyone with the right tools!

Here are some of my favourite tools that everyone can use, with examples of visuals our team has created using them. Graphic designer approved!


Our team has a professional account where we can build and collaborate together on social graphics for any and all platforms and formats - we’re talking TikTok backgrounds, presentation design, event posts, YouTube channel art - they really do have it all. We love using the already existing templates as a starting off point and we also LOVE that the dimensions are already set for us for all platforms, and all content forms. Discover it here.

future conference with tracy leparulo

Adobe Spark

Animation for beginners! This is an awesome app to get started in the world of animation. Download to your phone, and personalize the pre-created templates to match your brand. Everything can be customized from fonts, to colours, to images and even to the type of animation used. Try it now!


Sometimes you’ve got the story down, but you need the image to help you tell that story! This is where free stock photos come into play. We love free stock photography (and video!) websites like Unsplash and Pexels.

instagram example


This is a photographer's secret weapon for post production. Lightroom is where they really bring their photos to life. And lucky for us, there is a FREE app for the rest of us to use! Edit the colouring of your photos, download and add a preset (have you seen ours!?) or even edit out imperfections. This app will really take your photos to the next level - download from your app store.

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Do you have a favourite tool you use? Share with us, we’d love to know!

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