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Amplify your Sales with Brand Clarity: Why Business Branding is Important for Sales

Imagine asking a brand-new junior marketer to start pushing out your company's social message without any direction. There's a high chance it would look and sound just like the junior marketer's personal voice. Why? Because that's all they know until you do one major thing . . .

Introduce them to your corporate brand book and highlight your brand's mission, values, and tone of voice.

The same goes for training a new salesperson.

Every story needs an excellent foundational introduction to engage the audience. From a business perspective, this introduction comes from your brand fundamentals – your logo/ name/story, the people behind it all, and a few feel-good pieces like the company's purpose, vision, mission, and values.

When entrepreneurs start companies, the initial enthusiasm is about the product or service offered. Next is excitement for the business name and logo. Some even get excited about corporate image and font colours (others leave that to designers or developers...or their nephew who does some computer stuff).

So why do many business owners and executives sometimes wait years to solidify and write out their corporate purpose, vision, mission, and values? And why do some, establishing them, fail to reinforce these fundamentals among their staff?

It may sound crazy, but these business and brand basics help open doors to new customers in sales and marketing.

When an on-brand introduction captivates the whole story of your company, it shows your great ideas and the why behind them all. Including how staff embrace core values as they drive toward your vision for the future. You'll notice conversations change from selling to inviting and explaining to engaging.

While you may think you need to do this "purpose/mission/values" thing because that's what executives are supposed to do, remember the bonus that comes from the work. Not only is your company culturally aligned with guiding principles, but you'll also receive good words for selling. These precious words help your salespeople deliver an enticing story that attracts and engages your best customers.

Check out a downloadable Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values with complete definitions PLUS an exercise you can implement immediately!

Once your brand kit is complete, connect with Marr Media Group here to ensure your social media efforts are aligned.

Written by:

Karen Meckelborg, Founder & CEO, Fio Connect

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