• Tessa-May Marr

Holiday Campaigns We Sleighed

Updated: Aug 13

The months leading up to the holiday season are some of the busiest for marketers. And this year was no exception (for us anyway!). We work with a wide range of different brands and businesses, so we put together the right holiday campaigns for each of them, to suit their specific strategy and target market. Below, we’ll give you a little sneak peek behind the curtain to see what we did, and the results we saw.

12 Days of Giveaways

Giveaways are an ever popular (this year maybe more than ever!) and very effective way of building an audience and increasing engagement. We often get in on this game. Let’s take a look at some examples from this year.

One of our clients runs this giveaway series every year, so they're very large, very engaged, and very niche audience knows to expect and boy do they show up for it! They’re an e-commerce distributor, so they take this opportunity to feature some of their most popular items or brands through this giveaway. Here’s what we saw this year:

  • Their average engagement rate on Facebook during this period of giveaways was a mind-blowing 11.75%. (A benchmark for a strong engagement rate on Facebook is 0.09% according to this report from Rival IQ.)

  • Even better yet, their average engagement rate on Instagram during this period of giveaways was 20% (Rival IQ says 1.22% is considered strong). Whoa.

  • They also drove 1427 new followers during this time period.

  • One giveaway drove double our average participation, with over 5000 entries on one Instagram post alone.

We also decided to use this strategy for one of our newer clients, who had a much smaller audience to start with. This brand is a skin care distributor, so we gave away one product each day in an effort to appeal to current users (build more love and affinity there and have them re-share their big wins to their audience who we assume will be somewhat similar and will trust what they promote) and new users who haven’t yet tried our product line (great way to get them to fall in love and order more!). We also spent some time daily doing targeted outreach to relevant micro-influencers and others that fit their target market to alert them of the contests and drive them to our page. Here’s what we saw:

  • On both platforms, she got her brand in front of nearly 4000 people total, and drove 3x the amount of new followers than she normally would during that two week period.

  • Her numbers were a lot smaller than the previous client we mentioned of course, but based on her audience size, she drove an average of 9.5% engagement on Facebook and a whopping 20% on Instagram throughout these 12 days.

  • On our final giveaway, we saw a 48% engagement rate - and received 4x the number of entries we received on the first day!

  • A beauty blogger won one of the days (and not strategically - it was random!) and shared with her 7600 followers. We are now discussing an influencer partnership.

A third client participated in this strategy as well, but for this one, we partnered up with 12 other brands (some big, some small) who had a following that fit our target audience. Here’s what we saw:

  • A total reach of 19,800 - now that is a lot of eyes!

  • On Instagram, our average engagement rate during this period of time was over 20% and on our final day, our contest drove 669 entries!

  • We were also able to drive 411 new followers to their Instagram page with this, which represents nearly a 10% increase.

  • And we drove 1842 profile views during this period of time as well.

And we don’t always do 12 days! If that seems daunting, sometimes we focus on one big one and keep it open for multiple days or pick a number somewhere in between. There are a lot of ways to get creative with giveaways!

Paid Campaigns

‘Tis the season for shopping, and as marketers, we’re here to help drive those purchases through social media advertising. There are a number of ways you can do this effectively, so let’s look at some examples of