• Marr Media Team

How to survive (or even thrive!) through COVID-19

"When you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to control the way you are responding to what's happening. That's where the power is."

Life is weird right now, and no one has given us a manual that tells us how to manage it all.

We got some great advice from a partner of ours, Cori of JoutaHR, who suggested we think in two week increments right now. We can’t really plan much further ahead than that, as we don’t know how and when things will progress and change. But look at the next two weeks. What are you going to accomplish? What do you need to do? What do you need to not do? This has really helped us break it down into manageable timeframes we can control.

In some ways, we have been given a gift. We have been given our time back. Time to connect, time to slow down and lean into our fears, time to learn, time to develop new skills and time to look within ourselves and take inventory of how we truly want to live our lives. This has been the biggest gift of all so far through this uneasy time.

But what are you going to do with that time?

That’s the question.

Here are a few suggestions from our team here at Marr Media Group.

Pick up a new hobby.

Head to your bucket list, and see what’s on it. What can you check off right now? What inspires you? What are you drawn to? Maybe you want to learn a new language. A new instrument. Write a novel. These are all things you need time and space for, and all things that can be accomplished while locked at home.

Tessa: My partner signed up for virtual guitar lessons and for that we hired a local musician who we knew would be suffering financially, with so many upcoming gigs canceled. Now my partner gets to do something he’s always wanted to and his teacher gets to earn some $$! I have always wanted to work on my Spanish, so I’ve signed up for classes with a tutor based in Mexico City--via Skype. And my best friend, who lives a province over from me, has joined. This helps with the cost and is something we’d never be able to do with our busy work schedules and separate locations. We’re now seeing each other more than ever before.

Cheyanne: I am taking a course through Yale University on the ‘Science of Well-Being.’ Having extra time on my hands has given me the freedom to invest in myself and it has been such a gift. I schedule in two sessions a week and will take five weeks to complete the course!

Kaiya: Why not get started on that book you’ve always wanted to write! Suzanne Doyle-Ingram, from our client roster, is hosting a FREE writing class.

Casey: I've been finding my love for cooking again. We are an @earlsrestaurant family (it's where my fiance and I started dating) through and through so we took full advantage of their