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Live Event Social: What is it and Why Should I Be Doing It?

Imagine: You wake up on a Saturday morning to the sun peeking through your window. You lay there for a moment before you roll over to grab your phone. You open Instagram and see your best pal has a story up. They’re in Greece soaking up the sunshine and you are instantly jealous. Not to mention their camera roll that’s full of photos that you’ll see in your feed for months to come.

Now… imagine this on a much larger scale. You check your feed in the morning and everyone you know is at Coachella posting stories from the festival grounds. Coachella itself is covering behind-the-scenes (BTS) content that is just *chefs kiss* and one of your friends has even been re-posted to Coachella’s stories. Now you regret your decision to not attend this year. You have FOMO (fear of missing out). You set a reminder on your phone to buy tickets for 2023. You can’t miss this again.

The power that social media has to bring an individual into a specific moment in time is unparalleled. The sights, the sounds and the emotions are all translated through a tiny, backlit screen. Capturing live events is the best way to share authentic emotions with your followers and captivate your audience. You can create that FOMO and ensure followers who aren’t at your event will strongly consider it in the future. Not to mention the hours of video content and thousands of photos you can capture in a single event to be re-purposed at a later date.

The emotional appeal isn’t convincing you? No worries, check out these seriously crazy stats. ⬇️


Accounts Reached

Non-Followers Reached


Profile Visits

Accounts Engaged

Content Interactions

Client A

28,675 (+30%)

13.5k (+43%)

294,802 (+523%)

1,344 (+159%)

1,872 (+109%)

3,935 (+196%)

Client B

23,036 (+95%)

13.9k (+51%)

95,196 (+286%)

499 (+118%)

1,141 (+645%)

1,845 (+919%)

Over a four-day event for one of our clients, we were able to reach nearly 30 thousand new people through live event social. Many were converted into followers and will be nurtured through to the customer stage.

How did we do it? Divide and conquer. You need a specialized team that is quick on their feed, knows how to work a smartphone (or better yet- a DSLR!), and is prepared for 13+ hour days. Pumping content out is not as easy as it sounds and it’s even more challenging to continuously share content that is actually engaging.

We aren’t sure what else to say about live event social other than if you aren’t doing it, you should be. Book a call with us today to see how we can get YOUR brand in front of 30 thousand new people.

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