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Our Year in Review: 2022

2021 was a year of massive growth for our business, so going into 2022 we focused on sophistication… and accomplished just that. We defined our policies, created a team handbook, launched a brand-new website, and established a leadership team. And those were just a few of the incredible things that went on in the business this past year -- check out what else we were up to!

We created a leadership team

After choosing to sophisticate our growth, we knew it was time to restructure the org chart and create a senior leadership team to help steer the ship.

In April, we officially announced this to the world and even wrote a blog introducing each member. Our leadership team is all women, three of whom are moms, and wow, have they ever made a significant impact on the business. We also promoted one of our team members to the role of Lead Brand Experience Manager to assist with the day-to-day operations and team management. We had big goals set out for 2022, and under this leadership team's direction, we accomplished each and every one of them.

Team Retreat

We hosted our first in-person team retreat since Covid and to say this was one of the

highlights of our year is an understatement. Though there are many pros to working remotely, you do miss out on the physical connection and camaraderie established in an office, so the in-person time we get with our team is sacred. In May, we took the whole team (15 of us!) to beautiful Banff, Alberta for three days of connection, celebration and fun. We laughed, cried (happy tears), hugged and left feeling more invigorated and connected as an organization. It was the BEST!

Event Social

With in-person events finally being back in action, we were thrilled to dive in and provide social coverage for some fantastic clients. Two of the events we covered were ArborFest EXPO West and Energy Disruptors Unite ‘22. And boy oh boy, we drove some astronomical results for both of these clients.

We reached over 200,000 accounts (including over 1,300 new ones!) during ArborFest EXPO West over Instagram and Facebook. During Energy Disruptors Unite ‘22, we achieved over a 200% increase in reach on Instagram and LinkedIn as well as a 1,000% increase in impressions across both platforms. Yep, 1,000%! Yay events! We can’t wait to be knee-deep in more expos during 2023.

New Service Offerings

We added a few new service offerings to the mix to be able to help better serve our clients. We now offer Social Audits and Strategies to companies who are looking to know exactly how their current social strategy is playing out and if any adjustments are needed, as well as to know exactly how to present their brand, what platforms to invest in, what type of content to share, and how to manage it all. These audits and strategies are on a project basis, so you don’t have to be a monthly social media management client to purchase them and get the value!

We also revamped our Social Media Advertising services. If you've got organic social media covered but need help tackling paid, this is the perfect option for you to level up those ads. You can make a HUGE impact without spending a fortune.

Lastly, we launched a program called Leaders on LinkedIn. We saw an opportunity to engage the leaders of organizations - “your leaders are your best influencers.” We know that leaders have a lot on their plate and social media might not be top of mind or the highest priority for them, but it matters more than they realize. We even hosted a cobranded webinar with one of our strategic partners 3 Media Web which outlined the impact they have seen by enlisting our expertise to build their leader's presence on LinkedIn. Check it out if you want a first-hand look at what we can do for your leadership team!

New Website

If you haven't already, go take a look at our NEW WEBSITE. Isn’t it purrrdddy? With sophistication in mind, we stepped back and redefined what our brand looked like as well. Our old site was outdated, clunky and not so user-friendly. This new site is sleek, prestigious, well laid out and truly conveys our brand's personality. We have to give a BIG shoutout to Casey Mathison, our Chief Creative Officer and our Design Team for tackling this. Yes, you heard that right, we built this website in-house!

Giving Back to our Community

Our leadership team sat down at our 2021 annual summit and dreamt of a world where we could give back as a company. We mapped out a social responsibility plan for the

year and were able to give back in more ways than one. We started the year with The Shoe Box Project, where each team member purchased and packed a shoe box to donate to women who are impacted by homelessness. We also partnered with an incredible organization called One Girl Can to sponsor a student in Kenya, as well as purchase a laptop. In April, the leadership team attended the One Girl Can IWANTtoBE annual fundraising event in Vancouver and was the live event social sponsor. As the business continues to grow, we are committed to our social responsibility and making a difference in our community.

Handbook and Policies

We saw an opportunity to define and document all of our internal policies as the business

grew over the past two years. This project was a beast, but we did it in one quarter, and we’re pretty damn proud of that. Not only did we document all of our policies, but we also created a team handbook. Being a remote workforce, we wanted to create something tangible for the team to reference, a hub of knowledge they could refer back to if they needed to know important information about who we are and how we operate, along with all the exciting things like our travel policy, time off policy, etc. We now send this handbook to our new hires prior to their start date so that on their first day of orientation they have a little something tangible from us. It’s a fun little surprise for them to receive to welcome them to the Marr Media family.

Engagement Program

Marr Media Group is a workplace dedicated to supporting the development and growth of well-balanced people, not only in their work life but also in their personal life. Our

#WeGiveADamn value does not only relate to our clients and our work but also ties back to how we care about our team. We created a year-round initiative to focus on one or more sections of the wellness wheel each month, supporting the progression of each team member's personal and professional goals. We provide our team with learning, development, and goal-setting opportunities to help them achieve their personal and professional development and growth.

Partner Program

We have always had an amazing partner network that has really helped us build our business over the last nine years. Some of our best clients have come our way from their referrals, and we’ve been able to support our partner’s business’s success by leveraging our network. Our gratitude for these relationships is unequivocal. We took this year to intentionally align with some strategic partners and sophisticated our partner program overall. We have relationships with two of our partners who we white label our services and are actively referring and receiving referrals from a large percentage of our partner network, as well as creating co-branded webinars and blogs to collaborate on. We will continue to focus on this network in the year to come!

Badge Program

One of the amazing benefits you get when working with Marr is you don’t just hire one person to run your social media, you get a well-rounded team of individuals who all have specific specializations and skills they bring to the table. To support that, we launched a program to encourage, recognize and sophisticate these skills, defining what it takes to become an expert in each area. Not only does this ensure our clients are being serviced by a well-rounded team of collaborative professionals, but this program also encourages our team to grow their skills in new areas of interest. We believe that constant growth is the key to success in social media! #StayCurious

New Babies

The team grew with the addition of TWO future Marr Media team members. Alli Murphy, Director of Finance & Administration and Britt Lemonie, Brand Experience Manager, both welcomed beautiful baby boys that we have added to the Marr family. They are both healthy and happy little bundles of joy and their mamas are incredible–enjoying a well-deserved maternity leave with their wee ones. Join us in congratulating them!

We want to thank those of you who have been on this journey with us and thank the ones who are just joining the MMG community. As we continue to grow, you can trust that we are unwavering in providing the best service to our clients and that will never change. We have big lofty goals set for 2023, and hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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