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Social Media Success as a Real Estate Agent

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

As a busy wife and mom of five, Sunshine Coast realtor Randi Thomas struggled to find value through her efforts on social media. As a result, she wasn’t seeing the traction she wanted and knew she needed help. So, we came to her rescue.

When we started working with Randi over two years ago, the priority was to alleviate the impending doom of social media and grow her audience size. In other words, we wanted to take some stress off her plate and help her grow her platforms to generate leads.

When we started working with Randi, she had just 417 Instagram followers; she now has 1,143. That is an increase of 174%!

However, when it comes to Real Estate agents, we know that follower count is not necessarily the most critical metric to prioritize. Instead, the focus should be on building long-lasting relationships. That’s why we honed in on creating relevant, informative, and entertaining content, engaging with accounts in her area, creating location-specific hashtag banks, and hosting large giveaways with local businesses. Thanks to these simple yet effective strategies, Randi quickly established a presence as a local Real Estate agent that others could trust and relate to.

Don’t believe us? Check out these staggering results…


  • In the past nine months, we have seen 112,351 impressions! That’s an +84.9% increase compared to the year prior.

  • Randi’s engagement rate sits at an incredible 6.85%, while the average business Instagram engagement rate is 1.26%.

  • Since the beginning of this year, she reached 65,134 unique users. (I.e. People who have never seen her content before). That is a LOT of new eyes!


  • Thanks to effective Facebook advertising and quality organic content, Randi’s account gained significant traction. She went from 13,128 impressions to 107,899 impressions in less than a year! That’s a +721% increase. WOW.

  • With just $50, a boosted Facebook post promoting one of Randi’s most recent listings earned 962 post engagements, 8,960 impressions, 6,516 reach, and drove nearly 200 link clicks! The CPR (Cost-Per-Result) was an incredible $0.05. Talk about a lot of bang for your buck!

  • In the past nine months, we saw a +895% increase in engaged users. Yes! You read that right. 11,507 people have engaged with her account throughout those nine months.

  • Since the start of this year, Facebook reached 91,728 total users! That is an overall increase of 743%. And 17,434 of those users were reached organically. So if you don’t have a large budget, don’t worry! You can still see results.

Ultimately, with traditional marketing (i.e. billboards and benches), you don't learn much about the individual, and frankly, it isn't memorable. With social media marketing, we create a story, a brand and a vision. This is SO important when it comes to Real Estate agents to help them stand out amongst the crowd.

Fun fact, our brand new Realtor Program was inspired by our success with Randi's platforms!

Randi's social media continues to be a crucial part of her business growth. Thanks to her established presence, clients, developers, mortgage brokers and local companies now find her through socials which brings her opportunities and sales she might not have had otherwise. She has also made Medallion Club, recognizing her as one of the top 2% of all realtors in the lower mainland.

If you are a Real Estate agent and this sounds like what you need to help get your socials off the ground, check out our Realtor Program! We offer a Strategy-only option or a Strategy + Audit option, plus the opportunity for ongoing support.

Why wait? Book a free consult with us today.

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