• Cheyanne Ackerson

Why You Can't Just Set it and Forget it on Social Media

Updated: Aug 13

When it comes to social media, it is so important to stay relevant and to keep a pulse on what is going on in the world, so you know what type of content is appropriate to post and when. There are times that the content you had scheduled just doesn't make sense by the time it goes live, so you need to always be reevaluating what message you’re sharing with your audience to make sure you don’t put your foot in your mouth! For example, if you had content going out on Blackout Tuesday and you didn’t move it, this may have come across as being insensitive and cast a negative view on your company.

As social media managers, we do not just come up with compelling content and engaging pictures/videos to post. We have to be innovative, thoughtful, caring and respectful in order to create trust and loyalty. Creating content that resonates with your audiences and engages them is what it is all about. This is how you build a relationship with your online community.

Why your content has to be relevant and thoughtful

With what has been taking place in the world around COVID and Black Lives Matters, we have been able to see the brands/companies which have stepped up and positively reacted to the times. Now more than ever, companies have had to readjust their content to align with what is going on in the world. We’re not here to call anyone out specifically, but surely you’ve seen a few examples that made you go.

We didn’t want any of our clients to end up in that spot, so we took action right away - touching base with each of them individually to discuss their business response, overall strategy and how we could rethink their content to support that. Here are a few examples of what our clients have done:

One of our clients is in the facility management and building maintenance industry, so we did a full strategy shift for them by creating fresh content to help provide some guidance to their employees and customers.

Another client works in HR consulting, so we worked with them to create content to provide supportive and thoughtful information in order to assist employers and employees navigating through the uncertainty of COVID-19. They have taken this opportunity to give their audiences tactical resources and tools to show thought-leadership in their industry.

instagram post example

We have one client in the live event industry. As you can imagine, we have had to 100% adjust their content strategy due to large scale events having been put on hold for the time being. We took this time to focus on spreading positivity, promoting connectedness within the event industry and highlighting a #GiveBack campaign that they stepped up to take on called #DriveThruGrad2020YYC. The results have actually been tremendous! It may not mean more business for them in the short term but people are emotionally connecting to them more than ever before with what they’re doing and sharing. That stuff pays off down the line.

drive thru grad photo

"In late 2019, we had such great plans and a new direction when we developed our social media strategy with Marr Media. Then COVID came... For our industry, in particular, this pandemic was devastating but we knew that staying with Marr Media and their team of experts was absolutely necessary. With them, our voice was clear, constant, relevant and we could not have manoeuvred this without them." - Kathy Smart, e=mc² events

How to build a relationship with your audience