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Why Your Leadership Team Should Be Active On LinkedIn

“Even in a B2B business, people buy from people. Authenticity is more important than ever before, and people are seeking to understand not just what they spend their money on, but who they spend it with. The humanness of an organization is paramount in decision-making for buyers.

On social media, personal content is more trusted--every time--even if that person works for the organization. Content that comes from a person creates a sense of relatability, and ultimately, builds a relationship (so long as it’s a two way conversation! Anyone who just pushes out content relentlessly and doesn’t take a moment to add their own insight, or respond to comments and messages, will be looked over pretty quickly.).” - (Read more in the Demand Spring Ebook)

Knowing this, the thought that should be going through your head should be: how do I get my entire team sharing our content?

Employee advocacy is a hot topic right now because it addresses that exact question. There are tools, programs and agencies (like us!) out there that can help with that, but at the end of the day, your efforts may fall flat unless your team is first inspired to participate and share.

So how do we get them inspired? Well, we suggest looking to your leaders.

We all know one of the most powerful ways to lead is by example. And this rings true when it comes to being an ambassador for their company–offline and online.

We have designed a program to address this specific challenge that many of our clients face. Rather than jumping with both feet into an Employee Advocacy program when their internal team has not yet bought into the idea, we recommend starting first with your leadership team.

We know that leaders have a lot on their plate and social media might not be top of mind or their highest priority. But it matters more than they realize. “Leaders on LinkedIn” ensures that all the heavy lifting is done for them, with just a quick review workflow to ensure the content being shared on their behalf is aligned to their personal brand and tone and approved by them. (This is key to authenticity!)

Still need some convincing that this is worth the investment? Alright.

Check out this quote from a new employee at 3 Media Web–an agency that has been utilizing our “Leaders on LinkedIn” program for just over a year.

“Of the many reasons why I chose to join 3 Media Web, the consistent, engaging, and highly-relevant social media activity from Marc Avila, Jess Hennessey and the company as a whole was a BIG factor. Building an authoritative social brand and deftly cutting through the daily noise on LinkedIn is no easy task. The 3MW team has accomplished what so many businesses aspire to yet rarely meet - presenting a daily feed of insight that’s as progressive as it is approachable. It’s expertise without condescension.

Executing a winning social media strategy is a marathon, not a sprint. Apart from the astute observations and carefully curated shares of like-minded influencers, what frankly impressed me above all was the commitment to consistency...that it was THAT IMPORTANT to a busy executive like Marc & Jess to prioritize their social presence as frequently as they do.

Where the consistency and expertise is no doubt a key variable in attracting prospective customers and keeping satisfied clients in the know, their efforts are equally appreciated amongst their peers and a valuable asset in attracting new talent.” - Sean Greene, Proud 3 Media Web Employee

Prefer quantitative proof? No problem.

Let’s assume your leadership team each has… 500 connections on LinkedIn. (If they don’t yet–we can help them get there.) And let’s assume you have five members on your leadership team.

Every time they share the same piece of content, that’s 2500 people that could potentially be reached.

Crunching some easy numbers here, if we say the rest of your organization has a similar-sized network and your team is comprised of 100 people, the results show you now have the potential to reach 150,000 eyes. The ripple effect this could have on your network would be massive, come at no cost to you, and all you would need to invest in the short amount of time it takes to share a post.

“Of all the money companies spend on digital marketing, the highest ROI will always come from providing social selling training to the sales team. That’s because the sales reps can connect with prospects and build relationships with them via their personal profiles, which cannot be done through a company page.” - Top Dog Social Media

If you need support getting your Leaders on LinkedIn, book a call to learn more about our program that can help you do that.

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