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Winning Strategies for Running a Successful Business: What We Learned at the EOS Conference

Ever heard of EOS? Neither had we back in 2019… but one day that all changed.

“I sat down in an interview with Cheyanne Brown and she pointedly told me that she had seen the implementation of this operating system work wonders in two separate businesses she’d worked at in the past. She said that whether I hired her or not, I should look into it. And so I did. (I also hired her.)” - Tessa May Marr, CEO

At the end of 2019, we started the journey of implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System into Marr Media Group. By 2021, we had 3x’d our business in all key metrics across the board.

Since then, we are always looking for ways to utilize the tools and level up our business using EOS as the framework and each year, we attend the EOS conference for a few meaty days of great examples of how to do this. We thought we’d share a few of our top takeaways from this year’s event.

“The strength of your leadership team is the number one cause of a company's greatness.” - Gino Wickman, Creator of EOS and Author of Traction

A strong leadership team consists of:

  • Having top-notch individuals in every role, along with a well-designed accountability chart, all positions filled, and a team that trusts and has confidence in one another.

  • Being 100% aligned with the company's vision and strategy.

  • Using a unified language and a consistent operating system to run meetings, measure progress, solve issues, prioritize tasks, and lead the team.

  • Maintaining an open and honest culture where team members are encouraged to express their opinions, share their thoughts, and highlight issues.

  • Being dedicated to resolving issues, taking pleasure in addressing problems, and persisting until they are resolved. Treating each other with respect, disregarding formal hierarchies, and giving equal weight to everyone's input.

  • Possessing the secret sauce of having a strong sense of camaraderie, looking forward to collaborating with colleagues, valuing employees, business, clients, products/services, and always making decisions based on love, not fear.

“Knowing who you are and what you want are the most generous questions you can answer.” - Tiffany Saunders, Element Three

  • Understanding your identity: Knowing who you are, both as an individual and as a company, is crucial for making meaningful progress. It involves identifying your core values, beliefs, and principles that define your character and shape your behavior.

  • Enhanced focus and prioritization: By answering the generous questions of self-identity and desires, you gain clarity on what truly matters to you. This clarity enables you to prioritize your time, energy, and resources on activities and initiatives that align with your values and move you closer to your objectives.

  • Empowered decision-making for the company: When a business knows its identity and goals, it can make strategic decisions that are in line with its overall vision. This empowers the organization to focus its resources, optimize operations, and make choices that drive sustainable growth and success.

“Leaders get the organization they deserve.” - Rand Stagen, Stagen Leadership Academy

  • Influence on organizational dynamics: The behavior, actions, and decisions of leaders have a direct impact on the dynamics within the organization.

  • Reflecting leadership qualities: The qualities and attributes displayed by leaders are often mirrored by the rest of the organization.

  • Organizational alignment: The leadership style and approach determine the alignment of goals, strategies, and execution within the organization.

  • Developing a high-performance culture: Strong leadership is essential for creating a culture of excellence, continuous improvement, and innovation.

“If you want to 10X yourself or your business, use the future to form the present.” - Benjamin Hardy, Author

  • Utilize the power of foresight: By envisioning the future you desire, you can shape your present actions and decisions accordingly.

  • Set ambitious goals: Aim for exponential growth and success by setting stretch goals that push you beyond your comfort zone.

  • Take proactive steps: Act in alignment with your future vision by taking proactive and strategic steps in the present to manifest the desired outcomes.

“Leaders are not born but made. They make themselves.” - Jay Swindle, Stagen Leadership Academy

  • Leadership is a learned skill: Leadership is not solely determined by innate traits or abilities but can be developed through intentional effort and continuous learning.

  • Personal initiative and growth: Leaders take responsibility for their own growth and development, actively seeking opportunities to improve their skills and expand their knowledge.

  • Self-determination and perseverance: Leaders are self-driven individuals who demonstrate determination and resilience in their pursuit of leadership excellence, continuously striving to improve themselves.

All in all, the EOS conference offered valuable insights into building successful companies and leadership teams. By focusing on creating a strong leadership team, understanding who you are and what you want, taking responsibility for your actions, and continuously learning and growing, you can achieve greatness in your business and personal life. This operating system allows you to have it all.

“I cannot express enough how remarkable the impact has been since EOS has come into my world. Not only have I seen it transform not one, not two, but three businesses, but its influence has also seeped into my personal life. The results have been nothing short of extraordinary, with newfound success, growth, and fulfillment. I’m in awe of the transformative power it possesses, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the positive changes it has brought. It’s a game-changer, a catalyst for greatness, and I’m beyond excited to continue living the EOS life and seeing the magic it brings. Can you tell I’m a fan!?” - Cheyanne Brown, Chief of Staff

Interested in learning more about EOS? Set up a 90-minute complimentary workshop with our implementer Jeremy Hardern.

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