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Live Webinar

How Engaging Your Executives Can Drive Impact on Social Media


Marc Avila

Founder of

3 Media Web

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 1.30.01 AM.png

Jess Hennessey

CEO of

3 Media Web


Casey Mathison

Chief Creative Officer

of MMG


Madison Charney

Director of Programs & Innovation of MMG

November 9, 10 AM PST/1 PM EST

Interested in growing your social media following? Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how your internal leadership team is your biggest resource.

Hosted by Madison Charney, our Director of Programs and Innovation, you'll hear from:

  • Marc Avila, Founder of 3 Media Web

  • Jess Hennessey, CEO of 3 Media Web

  • Casey Mathison, Chief Creative Officer of Marr Media Group

And you'll learn:

  1. How this agency doubled down their impact on social media by engaging their Leadership Team

  2. How they utilized a streamlined system to make it easy for their busy Leadership Team to participate

  3. The strategy they employed to engage their Leadership Team in social media

Sean Greene, 3MW
"One of the many reasons why I chose to join 3 Media Web was the consistent, engaging and highly-relevant social media activity from Marc Avila, Jess Hennessey, and the company as a whole."

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