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This month, we get to present the results from the most successful campaigns we’ve ever run for one of our clients. And we’re excited about it. Let’s take a look.


This client preserves and promotes the history of women in medicine. During a strategy call, we discussed how we wanted to show up online during COVID-19. What did we want to say? How did we want to show support for women in medicine?


We created a campaign called #FemaleFacesOnTheFrontline. The idea was to draw attention to all the women in medicine working tirelessly to support those suffering during COVID-19. You’ve probably seen the photos of overtired faces, bruised from wearing masks for too long. They’re upsetting. But by showcasing them, we are sharing their stories. This is history in the making and we need to be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes. We also need to be able to say thank you.


Here’s what we did:

With just $500, we saw over 9,000 post engagements (likes/reactions, comments and shares) and over 50,000 impressions. All at a cost per result of $.05 or less.

WIMLF Marr Media Group Social Media
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