Hey👋 We're
Marr Media Group.

For over 10 years,

we've helped product brands achieve world domination on social media so they can propel growth of followers, subscribers, and sales.

Our superpower is strategic social media marketing.  

We believe that social media is a critical tool for product brands to connect with their customers and build that ‘know, like and trust’ with.

We’re a team of social media strategists, ad specialists, content creators, analysts, and jokesters working 100% remote from coast to coast. We don’t take ourselves seriously, like to have fun, push the boundaries, and love to work with brands who feel the same.

Something we do take seriously is our work, because we know social media is a total game changer when it comes to building and scaling badass product brands like yours.

We live and breathe social,

So unlike full service agencies, we stick to what we know best which means we don't miss a beat and our team is in the know about what works and what flops.

If we sound like your people, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and see how we can make social media magic together.

Our Values


We don't simply wait for direction. We identify opportunities, step up and take the initiative.


We are relentlessly dreaming up new ideas; always looking for different and better ways to surprise, delight and succeed.


We recognize that we all bring different skills and perspectives to the table, and take full advantage of that. Although far apart, we work closely together. Regular communication is what keeps us tuned in and in tune.


We know better than to think we know it all. We always make learning, growing, testing and trying part of the job.


We design our own optimal and flexible schedules to balance the needs of ourselves, our families and our clients.


We believe great marketing evokes emotion, and we’re okay with getting in our feelings. We care fiercely about the work we do, the team we work with and our clients’ success.