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Marr Media Group Social Media Influencer Marketing

With the digital space being fiercely competitive, businesses of all sizes have found themselves needing an alternate approach to build a solid sense of trust from their consumers. One of the most effective ways to do that?


Influencer marketing.


While many business owners imagine that influencers prefer to communicate directly with them, the reality is that finding and negotiating dozens, sometimes hundreds of influencers simultaneously (and keeping them happy!) is a massive job.


Diana Stirling, Owner/Operator of four diverse tourist destinations in Penticton, BC came to us with exactly that problem. Or should we say–opportunity? In a small city, it’s somewhat easy to make sure locals know about you–but what about tourists who research and plan their summer trips before they arrive and don’t know what they want to hit up? To reach the out-of-towners and vacationers (which for Diana represents about 92% of her business) she knew she needed a tailored and unique influencer campaign, but first came the strategy.


Diana has a keen sense for business and an incredible willingness to trust the experts and try something new so with a moderate budget, we set out to bring in 25 influencers that fit our target profile throughout the summer of 2021.


We did that by assessing and recognizing that her target market was mostly from other cities in British Columbia and Alberta (Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops, Calgary, and more) and we knew we needed to focus on influencers with a real and raw audience within those areas. Each destination targets families with both younger and teenage children so to ensure the collaborations were perfectly on-brand for each respective destination, we had to identify key influencers whose regular content was relatable to each. From family and kid adventure fun to Gen Z Tiktok-worthy vibes… we wanted to ensure each location was upheld with the utmost authenticity! Once we established these key participants, we pulled a trigger on a unique strategy that connected us with our ideal list of ambassadors, and in the most personable way possible.


The job of the influencers was to create compelling, beautiful, and true-to-you content to share on their own feeds and stories, direct from their own experience, that would give their audiences an inside look. In exchange, we offered to cover their entire experience for their entire family or friends. It was that simple!

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