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Investors in the 21st century know that the key components of marketing required for success include social media–every time. This e-commerce brand was no different. In fact, creating an engaging community on social was built into their investment strategy from the get-go.


This brand has been and continues to be a leader in the billiards industry, which presents a very unique opportunity. Yes–their industry and therefore audience is very niche, but they are also highly engaged and passionate customers. The industry overall is extremely old school -- and no one had yet taken the time to build an engaging social following. But Seybert’s was about to change that….


Jake was given our name from another long-standing client of ours, also a business investor. He has worked with us on various different brands and projects in the past and knew the results we produced. When Jake told us about Seybert’s, we were excited right from the start. We knew we’d be able to make a difference with an e-commerce brand like this, and Jake and the Seybert’s team provided the trust and autonomy to do just that.


Today, it’s a story we’re incredibly proud to tell. The results around audience growth, email list building and overall content engagement have been stellar–and that’s putting it mildly.


“After making an investment in an eCommerce business that had done basically zero marketing before our ownership, Marr was one of my first phone calls after they had shown demonstrable success with one of our other portfolio companies. Tessa and team have been invaluable partners since that first phone call. They helped us stand up social media accounts and effective engagement strategies immediately, and did so with a partnership and growth mindset that makes them integral members of the team more than outside vendors. Marr drives results on every platform they touch, they roll up their sleeves and help beyond just their scope of work, and are flexible to work with us and adapt based on the business performance and evolution of our strategy. The next investment I make, I know Marr will yet again be one of my first phone calls.”

– Jake


We kicked off both organic and paid social right out of the gate. Because Seybert’s was already a well-known brand that had never activated social in the past, we knew it was low-hanging fruit from a marketing perspective and the results supported our thesis. Any e-commerce brand should be utilizing this award-winning, all-encompassing strategy in 2022. And we’ll prove to you why.




Their Facebook page grew organically from 6,166 to 23,050 followers from February to May 2021 (that’s 274% growth in just 4 months!), then were ramped up in June with a strategy-driven Page Likes campaign, scoring a record low cost per result (per page like, in this case) of $0.06! (We have still never seen anything this low, although campaigns for other clients have come close!). We had been working with a budget of about $1,000 per month at that point, but after reviewing the analytics of our second/third month of this paid objective, we indicated to the client that the results were proving predictable and might never be this low again, so now was a time to lean in if they wanted huge growth. We asked them how many Page Likes they wanted, and simply did the math as to what it would cost, tweaked our audience based on analytics, and we continued to run with that same budget and voila, our Page Likes hit a total of 39,000 by July! To reiterate, that is an astonishing 532% growth in just 6 months.


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