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Gabrielle Gillespie

July 4, 2023

Change. Something that every single one of us experiences multiple times throughout our lives, and yet, something that causes the majority of us to panic. Change expert, founder, and speaker extraordinaire Cassandra Worthy came to us with the tools and expertise to solve this very problem. The issue? She was exhausted from managing her own social with bandwidth continuing to dwindle being laser-focused on other critical aspects of the business. Now, nearly three years later, she’s commanding some the largest stages at the biggest venues, changing people’s lives for the better around the globe, all with a little outside help on the social media front and more.

Cassandra Worthy speaking at an event

Social Media for Public Speakers is Key

Cassandra exudes contagious energy that radiates throughout every room she steps into. We knew that focusing our efforts on highlighting her authentic energy and unique strategy of Change Enthusiasm®, which is arming individuals around the world with the means to harness the power of emotion, was a surefire way of growing her audience, raising brand awareness, and even generating leads. And boy, were we right.

After coming to us with just 751 Instagram followers and 5,149 LinkedIn followers, she is now sitting at an astonishing 2,718 Instagram followers (a 113% increase), and 12,280 LinkedIn followers (an 82% increase). And yes, these followers often turned into real leads and sales! With the help of paid ads, LinkedIn alone drove over 750 users to Cassandra’s website, and Facebook drove over 500.

On Instagram alone, we’ve shared nearly 600 posts which have generated 245,407 impressions (198% increase), 152,425 reach (198% increase), and over 8k profile views (199% increase). Not to mention, she maintained an average engagement rate of roughly 8%, compared to the global standard of 1-3%. Yeah, we were blown away too! This growth has allowed Cassandra to spread her message of Change Enthusiasm with thousands of new eyeballs, as well as create a highly engaged community that she can retarget for book sales, newsletter subscriptions, e-learning courses, you name it.

And not only did her personal social media channels blow up, but her corporate channels did too. The Change Enthusiasm Global Facebook Page began with just 6,796 followers, and the LinkedIn Page began with 100 followers. Today, the Facebook Page has a follower count of 21,174 (a 103% increase) and LinkedIn has a follower count of 1,227 (a 169% increase). In the past year alone, Facebook has generated a total reach of 158,951 (a 2246% increase), 173,944 impressions (a 2316% increase), 1,687 video views (a 1754% increase) and 8,848 engaged people (a 2792% increase). Over on LinkedIn, just in 2023 so far, we have generated nearly 250 likes (751% increase), 544 views (93% increase), 6,141 impressions (93% increase), 131 clicks (197% increase), and an engagement rate of over 4.5%. Talk about growth!!

Cassandra Worthy speaking at an event

This growth has been such a success that it allowed Cassandra to officially launch Change Enthusiasm Global as its own corporation, which includes its own website, a team of advisors, Growth Accelerate certifications, online courses, and more. It has been so rewarding to watch this come to life!

The Winning Strategy

Now, the golden question. How did we do it? The answer comes down to three main things:

  1. Personality
  2. Authenticity
  3. A killer marketing strategy

As we mentioned, Cassandra’s personality is truly unmatched. She draws people in the second they hear her speak, and she lights up every stage she steps foot on. Sharing her magnetic personality through the screen was key to her success. Whether it was through encouraging content such as “Fist Bump Mondays” and “Gratitude Rampage Fridays,” educational content such as tips and tricks, personal content such as sharing her own stories and experiences, or on-the-fly content during her travels around the globe, people wanted to get to know her behind the scenes. That’s why we kept her personal social media channels as authentic, raw, and intimate as possible. This increased trust and relatability and is a huge reason why her engagement rate remains so high month over month.

But we couldn’t have done it alone. Cassandra has a well-oiled marketing team machine that helped amplify our social efforts. This includes monthly newsletters, PR, a YouTube strategy, and frequent photoshoots and videoshoots with professional teams which provided us with endless new content. Our success on social would not have been possible without all of these working together. (Psssst, this is your sign to get your marketing strategy together ASAP!)

Cassandra Worthy speaking at an event

This content is changing the lives of millions around the world, and we are so glad we could be a part of it. Be sure to check out her socials linked below to learn how you too can thrive through change.




And if you want to see results like this for your own brand, reach out to us!

“Tessa and what she has created in the Marr Media Group is truly exceptional. I worked hard to establish my branding and then for months was executing my own social media strategy. I was gaining momentum but it was A LOT of work. I knew I needed support. Based on the recommendation of a good friend, I began my journey with Marr Media and have been, to put it simply, blown away. Gabrielle, my Account Manager, has been incredible. She very quickly on-boarded my branding style, personal style, and strategy meeting closing my brand designer and tech team. She stepped in and stepped UP creating SUCH compelling content day after day, week after week. She has taken my strategy to even greater heights with her knowledge and understanding of my target audience and how best to engage them. We’ve had record-breaking growth month after month because of these efforts. Because of the exceptional work, I have passed even more work off to them including newsletter management and creation for all of my subscribers. And the partnership has been seamless with ‘right sized’ communication, ease of post and newsletter approval, and openness to present and brainstorm new ideas.

I strongly recommend the Marr Media group whether you’re already working with an established brand and looking for an uplift and relief from doing the work internally, or just starting out looking for a few marketing mavericks to help build a strong foundation upon which you can grow. I am so very grateful for the team. The hyper-growth I’ve experienced in my business would not have been possible without them!” – Cassandra Worthy

Cassandra Worthy at an event with the Marr Media Group team