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10 Reasons You Should Use Instagram Threads for Your Business

Brie Heatherley-Fortin

July 20, 2023

We know what you’re thinking… another social media platform?! Trust us–we feel the overwhelm too. But after a deep dive into the new world of Instagram Threads, we think it might actually be the most straightforward social media platform to conquer. With 100 million users joining in just five days, Threads is the quickest-growing app to hit our devices and is proving to be a valuable feature that can enhance your business presence on the platform. Now, with it being so new, the jury is still out on what kind of long-term impact it can have for brands, but if you’re considering it (and if you’re not, you should be) here are 10 reasons you should be using Instagram Threads for your business:

1. Already “done for you” Audience

Since Threads is an extension of Instagram, your new Threads account will automatically link to your current Instagram account, seamlessly connecting you to your followers who might already be there–waiting for you. The pressure of searching for new followers and cultivating a new community from scratch is gone with this one. Take a load off!

2. Share-ability

Threads makes sharing your thoughts, photos, videos and links as simple as other platforms (if not simpler!). Each post can hold 500 characters and will play videos up to five minutes long. Shared links are easily accessible and are an effortless way for brands to showcase new products, promote sales and share collaboration details.

3. Authentic Engagement

Threads provides a safe space for users to engage and reshare your content. Established brands are seeing increased engagement in Threads from authentic followers as the platform is free from bots and spam. More in-depth conversations are essential to nurturing followers into a loyal community. Get in there and join the chatter!

4. Avenue of Acquisition

Threads clearly showcases your photos and highlights links to your company website, providing an additional avenue for followers to subscribe to a newsletter or directly access your online shop. It’s simply a bonus platform for free advertising, placed in front of the eyes of your existing followers and, unlike on Instagram, you don’t have to hope and pray they’ll head to your bio to actually click through.

5. Community Centered

Threads provides the perfect platform to dive deeper into your community. Now is the time to ask your followers what they like and dislike, what they want more or less of, what their favourite products are, and prompt for new reviews and client testimonials. So far anyway, it seems that here, they’re actually willing and eager to respond!

6. Simplicity of Sharing

Think of Threads as the Cole’s Notes version of what’s happening in your Instagram or Facebook feed. The ease and acceptance of a witty one-liner is what is to be expected, with or without an accompanying photo or link, making Threads one of the fastest ways to reach your community.

7. Exclusive Extras

Threads is like a hidden speakeasy. (IYKYK). Those who are in the know will gain access to exclusive content: sneak peeks, insider knowledge, secret tips and tricks and early access to brand collaborations and product launches. You can effectively use Threads to drum up excitement for a giveaway or sale, anything to create a buzz and increase engagement. Consider creating some “Threads exclusive” content that makes your audience here feel extra special.

8. Be an Early Adopter

The early bird gets the Thread (worm). Joining early on allows your brand to grow with your community. There are currently zero expectations from such a green platform, providing the perfect opportunity to position your brand as an innovative leader and hone in on how Threads can be a positive addition to your social media presence. Get in there and have some fun!

9. Privacy Protected

Threads offers multiple security features to keep users feeling safe and keep those pesky bots out. You can create a public or private profile and toggle between the two, control which group of users can mention you, mute or unmute someone you follow or who follows you, restrict or unrestricted a follower without them receiving a notification and hide replies you don’t wish to see, for example, offensive words or phrases. Threads will also use tighter rate limits to combat spam attacks to create a safe and secure space for everyone.

10. The Future of Threads

Instagram’s long-term goal for Threads is for the platform to be part of the fediverse, a larger social network which can connect to multiple servers. The increase in connectivity will allow users to reach potential followers beyond the limits of Instagram. However, there is no telling if and when that will happen.

Essentially, Threads is currently a blank canvas. It’s time to be creative and have fun on the platform while staying true to sharing content that adds value and captures the attention of your community. Experiment and engage and see what sticks or what slips. By using this new platform effectively, you can strengthen your brand’s presence on Instagram and continue to build a loyal community of followers. If you consider your brand fun, trendy or cutting edge, why not give it a go?

Not sure how to tackle this new platform, along with alllll the others? We can help with custom social media strategies or fully outsourced social media management. Connect with us today to learn more.