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100 Free Tools to Make You a Better Social Media Marketer

Michelle Zaporojets

March 10, 2017

Being a social media manager takes a lot of time - whether you're writing blogs, scheduling social posts, or designing graphics for those posts! It's all part of the job. And that's not even mentioning managing our own personal business where someone (aka, ourselves) needs to keep track of our invoices, documents, and to-do lists.

Luckily, we live in such a technologically-advanced (and very generous) world today that we can find hundreds of FREE (that's right, $0) resources and tools to help us manage our daily tasks.

It tends to be hard to know which sites are worthy of our time, so we compiled a list of 100 totally free tools to make you a better social media manager.

For writing:

Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator - for those days that you really have writer's block

Hemingway Editor - helping you cut down the fluff

Coschedule's Headline Analyzer - to really nail down that title & drive traffic

Yoast SEO - to make sure your SEO is on point!

WordPress - for the basic bloggers

Wix - to build a SUPER impressive website

Hubspot's Website Grader - to measure your website's performance

Portent Content Idea Generator - when you're brain dead

Grammarly - never make those pesky grammar mistakes again

Editorial Calendar - see your blog calendar in one place

Free Summarizer - summarize your blog in just seconds

Liberio - make an eBook right from Google Drive

Qzzr - a simple & creative way to make shareable content AND drive traffic

For Engagement:

TweetDeck - easily stay active on Twitter

Archie - quickly grow your social media exposure through automated engagement

Crowdfire - effectively manage your active & inactive followers

SocialMention - search up user-generated content that mentions you/your brand (pro tip: easy content for social channels!)

Mentionmap - explore the Twitter network visually

Klear - everything you need to know about social media influencers, including popularity, reach, and relevance

For the Analytical Stuff:

Google Analytics - the classic.

Facebook Insights - obviously.

Twitter Analytics - ^ditto.

LinkedIn Business Analytics - yep.

Pinterest Analytics - recommended.

Instagram Analytics - do we really have to explain?

Social Rank - easily identify your followers on Twitter & Instagram

Websta - everything & anything you need to know about your Instagram analytics

Klout - track your social media efforts with a score

SimilarWeb - in case Google Analytics isn't your jam

Hootsuite Analytics - that's right, our fave scheduling software has built-in analytics

Pixlee - more Instagram analytics (because you can never have enough!)

QuickSprout - quickly find out info about your competitors

SpyFu - what are your competitors most profitable keywords (you know you want to know!)

For Scheduling & Distribution:

Hootsuite - for those who want an all-in-one scheduling program

Buffer - perfect for easy content reposting

Later - make your Instagram feed lit!

BuzzSumo - analyze the best performing content on the World Wide Web

Sumo - easily grow your email list

Mailchimp - the easiest way to send emails

RiteTag - for instant hashtag feedback

CoSchedule - your go-to marketing calendar

Tailwind - quickly schedule for Pinterest and Instagram

For keeping up to date with all things social:

Connect via Hootsuite - the biggest online social media conference

Nuzzel - for easy content curation

Feedly - to stay organized with your content & readings

Mad Media Webinars - learn how to be a social media rockstar in just 30 minutes

Blogs, blogs, blogs! - because reading a few blogs per day never hurt anyone

Medium - read & connect with other entrepreneurs

GrowthHackers Community - trending articles on everything you need to know about marketing

Primer - because you should never stop learning about marketing

MailCharts - become a better email marketer

Pocket - save articles to read later on

SkillShare - free courses on anything & everything you can imagine

Google Trends - stay on top of it all

Google Alerts - these bad boys come right to your email, so you don't have to go searching for news articles!

Buffer Blog - one of our faves

Social Media Today - another incredible news source for more social media articles than you can even imagine

Hubspot Academy - that's right, 11 free classes about marketing

For the paperwork & Organization:

Invoice.to - when you just want a simple invoice

Wave - because not all of us can afford expensive accounting programs

Slack - skip the email & go straight to instant messaging

Asana - to keep track of your to-do list (and assign others to tasks!)

IFTTT - for automating your daily tasks!

Freelancer Pricing Course - because we're looking out for you

Canned Emails - never waste time writing basic emails again

Google Drive - easy-peasy storage

GoTo Meeting - make client meetings easy with a simple conference call

Raindrop.io - when you just want to save graphics, websites, and pretty much anything else in one place

FreeBusy - let the internet schedule your next meeting

For Designing Graphics:

Canva - Photoshop for those who don't know how to use Photoshop

Social Media Images Cheat Sheet - save yourself time & get the sizing right the first time around!

Pexels - your new go-to for some of the best free stock photos

Jeshoots - more free stock photos!

StockSnap - you can't get enough stock photos

The Pattern Library - if you're looking for patterned backgrounds

Unsplash - free hi-res photos that you can't say no to

Easelly - when you have to build an infographic

TinyJPG/TinyPNG - quickly compress your images

Freebbble - thousands of design freebies

Graphic Burger - more amazing design resources

Creative Market - handcrafted design elements (like Photoshop brushes, icons, and vector patterns!)

Gratisograph - even MORE incredible free hi-res photos

Minimography - for those classic, minimalist photos

Adobe Spark - when you don't want to pull out Photoshop for a single graphic

FlatIcons - customize your own icons for social images or website design

PicMonkey - a Photoshop that you 1. don't have to pay for, and 2. don't have to download!

Do you have any more to add on? Let us know by tweeting us at @media_mad - we'd love to test out your favorite tools!

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