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How To Choose The Best Social Network For Your Brand

Casey Mathison

April 26, 2017

Chances are, your business is already on social media, and if it's not - you are seriously considering it. The question is, which platforms are right for your brand? Social media, just like any marketing plan, needs to be strategic. It can be hard to track conversions and ROI in the social world so it's key that you are spending your time and money wisely in this area.

The pool of social media platforms is growing daily, and it can be hard to keep up with them all - trust us, we know! But there are a few key major players that everyone should be investigating in their social strategy.

Here are the facts.


The second most popular social media network, Twitter is a great place to stay on top of current events, and worldwide trends through the use of hashtags. It limits users to 140 characters, so communications are done through short messages. Twitter is popular among businesses because this platform tends to be the go to for consumers when they are trying to start a conversation - whether it be trouble shooting or general inquiries.

Is this the platform for you? Questions to ask for yourself:

Do you need somewhere to act as a customer service platform?

Are you looking to start a conversation with your peers?

Do you want to connect directly with your target demographic?


With over 2.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the largest and most popular of the platforms. Originally designed for college students, Facebook is the go to for people to connect with friends and family. In recent years, Facebook has evolved into a network for businesses and brands to easily connect with those interested in updates and company news. Through advertising and sponsored posts, Facebook has made it easier for brands to reach a much larger audience.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there room in your budget for paid advertising?

Do you have a plethora of internal content, like blogs and articles to share?

Do you want to become a go-to for industry news and announcements?


The most visual of the platforms, Instagram was originally used to share photography, but has evolved into a network of users and brands sharing their stories through images. With many recent updates, including business profiles, brands are able to gain insights from likes, tags, sponsored posts and analytics all built within the app itself.

Questions to ask yourself:

Do you have plenty of visual assets to share?

Is your target market and demographic active here?

Are you able to tell your story through images and graphics?


The original social media platform for businesses, LinkedIn is a place for brands to share their products, services, job opportunities and company updates. Especially popular with the executive crowd, this is the place to be to virtually bump elbows with the C-suite.

Questions to ask yourself:

Are you looking to connect with industry leaders and partners?

Are you looking to reach a pool of potential job applicants?

Do you want to join a community/group of like-minded people?

What category did you answer yes to most? More than one? That's totally normal, most businesses invest in more than 1 platform.

Check out our handy infographic for more details on each platform:

Still have questions? We'd love to chat! Let's connect on your favourite platform.

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