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Tessa-May Marr

March 8, 2018

“Women succeeding all on their own should be an everyday occurrence.” - Katie Burkhart

It's International Women’s Day, and that means marketers everywhere are working to find unique tie-ins for their brand to join the conversation. For us, it was particularly easy. Why? Because we are an all-female team, supported by some strong female partners.

We all sat down at our Creative Meeting to discuss how to execute around this theme and we bounced ideas back and forth. Compile quotes from strong female leaders? Share stories from our favorite successful females? We were hungry for an angle. And I, leading the charge around this content, reached out to my trusted partners for their opinion. And here’s what Katie Burkhart, founder of KBurkhart & Co., had to say in response:

“Everything I read about women in business right now tends to focus on what's missing- not enough women in tech, on boards, on the panel. Women face bias in funding situations, and we're making silent Doritos just for them (face palm). I don't mean to suggest that these things are any less true, or that they are not worthy of discussion and concentrated effort toward improvement (they absolutely are), but there are a lot of amazing women doing astounding work out there, and what’s more, there are also a lot of women helping to push each other higher. It would be great to focus on some of those stories for a change.”

I laughed to myself when I read this. Because -- how did I not see this? The story was right in front of me. Hell - the story was us.

I didn’t set out to build an all-female workforce, but I’m not sorry it happened. I certainly don’t think that because we’re all women our life easier in any way. We bring varying skills and perspectives to the table, and we still have to manage that dynamic. There are still varying personalities, introverts and extroverts, different levels of experience, styles, backgrounds and in our case, even locations….

But what’s great about being an all-female workforce is that we’re strong, we understand each other, and we know how to build each other up. The bottom line is, we’re here. And we’re making shit happen.

Our business has grown by 1000% in the last three years and we've had the opportunity to work with some incredible people and brands throughout our journey. And internally, we achieved above 80% in all metrics on our Culture & Happiness Meter! If that's not success, I don't know what is.


“Mad Media has given me the opportunity to surround myself with strong, female leaders - be it clients, coworkers or partners. We’ve created a very positive and empowering environment for one another, lifting up and supporting each other wherever we can. This is the type of workplace I hope all young girls get to experience in the future.” - Casey Mathison, Brand Experience Manager

“Before working at Mad Media, I never truly had a glimpse into female-led teams; but luckily that changed very quickly for me when I was hired. We’ve created such a comfortable environment at Mad Media where we can be open about if we’re having a bad day (even if it’s PMS, ladies), which isn’t something that we feel comfortable being open about elsewhere. It’s also truly empowering to see women succeeding - women that we work with, partner with, and even within our own team. As women entrepreneurs, we should be striving to build empires and taking the world by storm!” - Michelle Zaporojets, Brand Experience Manager

“I come from a health care background, so needless to say for most of my career I have worked alongside women. Mad Media has given me the opportunity to have a positive work life balance and this is largely due to the fact that I enjoy the work I do and who I work with! What more could you ask for?” - Alanna Poole, Social Media Coordinator

And we’re not the only ones doing this. A large portion of our partners and clients are leading successful firms, working with each other and many other badass women as well!

“Almost all of my partners, mentors, and colleagues are fantastic, dynamic women doing great work and I've hired almost all women. Yes, there may be challenges, but we're obviously surmounting them. I'm fortunate to say I've never felt held up or held back, and I know some of that feeling is due to a strong network opened up to me by great women.” - Katie Burkhart

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